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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bachelors, Bachelorettes, and Arun

Last week was an entirely new experience for me.

So a couple of months ago, my friend Liberty invited me to a fundraiser for the Challenged Athletes Foundation here in San Diego. As you know, I'm all about participating in charitable events and was all set to participate, until I found out the catch.

It was a bachelor / bachelorette auction!

Ok, this sounds like the perfect Arun-esque adventure right? I mean, what better use of a the face of an angel and a chisled body forged by the hands of God himself, than to raise money for a charity?

(and when I say "chisled body" I'm not referring to the "loose muscle" surrounding my midsection)

Honestly, my hesitation had more to do with the fact that I had a feeling that the bidders would be old, aging women. In other words, I thought I'd be getting sold to uglies.

Material and artificial of me, I know, but at least I'm honest about it.

But alas, Liberty needed another person, so I relented. Hey, it's for the kids!

So when I arrive, I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Not only is everyone fairly youngish and good-looking, but there's a TON of food, and all the bachelors and bachelorettes are treated to an open bar.

Now HERE's a party I can get on board with.

So towards the beginning of the evening, people are a little gun shy about bidding. It's kind of a silent auction and our pictures are framed and placed on different tables (the picture in this post is the one they framed of me) and there's a bidding sheet and date description next to them. I start talking to a girl who is 25 and VERY attractive. Turns out she's actually one of the bachelorettes. We're chatting for a while and she comes up with a brilliant idea:

Hot Bachelorette Chick (hereon referred to as 'HBC'): "I've got a great idea to get this started!"

Me: "Oh yea what's that?"

HBC: "How about we each put $100 bids on each other. That way, its high enough where we'll raise serious money if someone actually outbids us."

Me: "Ok, sure"

I'm acting all nonchalant and cavalier about everything, but on the inside I'm thinking "Score! I may end up going out TWICE with this hot chick!"

Yes, even I can be an insecure goober sometimes.

So people start bidding and she ends up going for like $400 bucks. There's no way I'm spending that kind of change on anyone for a single date. Interestingly, for me, there ends up being a little bidding war between HBC, and a mystery lady.

BUT, in the end, the mystery lady wins over HBC. Unfortunate, considering HBC was probably the best looking girl in attendance.

When the dust finally settles, I meet this mystery lady...

She's probably like 10 years older than me. Of COURSE the cougar with money outbids the hot 25 year old.

I still haven't gone out with her, but now I'm getting nervous...she shelled out $200 for me, and who knows what she's expecting!

But there were a couple of other surprises too.

One of the other Bachelors was actually a soap opera star (Alex Musser) who played some guy named "Del Henry" on All My Children for a couple of years - he only went for I think $20 more than me, so the natural conclusion is that I should be starring on TV too.

At one point, I also was introduced to this good looking couple. They had weird names, and I joked that we should start a club of people with weird names ("Arun" isn't exactly run-of-the-mill in San Diego).

So I'm hanging out with this couple by the stage when Liberty announces that she wants to introduce the celebrities in attendance. I turn and semi-joke to the couple, "Step aside guys, I'm about to get my big introduction!"

They smile.

As Liberty continues to talk, I'm actually wondering who she's going to introduce. I turn to the couple and ask sincerely, "WHO the heck are these celebrities she's talking about?!"

They smile.

Liberty: "Please welcome to the stage, from ABC's The Bachelore, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad, Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn!"

I'm standing their bewildered with egg on my face as said couple strolls onto stage.


Apparently, they were on all of those "Bachelor" reality shows and happen to be friends with my friend Liberty. Who knew? I've never seen the show (ok, ok...I may have watched ONE episode last season).

BUT, after chatting with Kiptyn and Tenley, I kind of want to try out! First of all, Tenley is good-looking, and apparently so are all of the girls on the show. Second, although I lack the huge muscles and 8 pack that all the guys sport on the show, I make up for it with quick wit and charm.

Not to mention, I think my antics and knack for innocently stirring the pot would make for good TV.

Watch out America...Arun may be joining "The Bachelor"???