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Monday, April 23, 2012

Friends in Unusual Places

One of the running themes of this blog is that great things happen when you strive to be as social as you possibly can.

One such example of this is if you happen to look at some of my close friends.

A good chunk of them are people I met the way most people meet people...through other friends, through school, through work etc. Nothing too exciting there.

BUT, a lot of people that are a major part of my life are people I've met very serendipitously.

For example, the girl I'm dating, I literally just happened to bump into on campus. This is actually such an entertaining story that I'm going to save it for a blog post on its own soon.

But lets look at some other examples: Take Josie & Laura - two close friends of mine.

I've only known them for about a year, but it feels like forever.

About a year ago, me and my newish friend Mikey happened to stop by a place near my house called Wine Steals to grab a glass of wine. Two attractive ladies were sitting at the table next to us and as I recall, we struck up a conversation about the proximity of the heat lamp (not interesting on the surface, but if you throw a little goofiness in, and a little "Arun Factor" any conversation is interesting ;).

It was about 8:00 when we started talking to them - fast forward to 5am and we're leaving Josie's house having drank more than one glass of wine, break danced at the club next door, sang "Under the Boardwalk" on the street with two homeless guys Vince & Darryl, went for late night pizza, and played charades at Josie's.

Fast forward a year, and they are two of my best friends...all because Mikey and I happened to stop in at Wine Steals and happened to strike up a conversation.


Ok, to be honest, I'm not really sure if I believe in Serendipity because we can only look at the people we've met and have no knowledge of the people we haven't met.

But this is the exact reason I think it's so important to strive to meet people and get to know never know what impact they can have on your life.

This is one of the reason's I'm such a "yes man".  I'm always scared that I'm going to miss out on some opportunity to do something awesome, have an adventure, or meet someone amazing by succumbing to the laziness of simply staying at home.

Now I understand not everyone feeds off of social energy the way I do, and most people probably need more alone time than me, but I would argue that in general, the more people there are in the word that care about you, the better off, and the happier you are.

Afterall, we are designed to be social beings (and some of us are designed to be amazingly handsome, charming, witty social beings :)

Aaand look at that...two posts in a row!  I told you I'm back!

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Resurrection of Your Daily Remedy!

Good Lord it's been a long time since I've posted!

Yes, I know I have a knack for stating the obvious.

So where the hell have I been?

Well, this year has been a whirlwind of school, internet marketing, scheming for world domination, girls, teaching, and my usual antics and adventures have moved to the forefront.

The lack of recent blogging has been partially due to lack of time, but if I'm being honest, more lack of motivation.

Don't get me wrong....I LOVE writing...especially writing about ME! But, I also like writing good quality posts that, while involving me heavily, also give you value either through something I've learned, something super interesting, or shear humor and laughter.

One of the things that's kind of upsetting is how my lack of posting has buried this in the heeps of websites on the internets.

THIS POST used to rank number 1 in Google for the search term "being social" it's no where to be found.

Since I wrote that post five years ago as well as my ebook, I actually have sooooo much more to share on the subject of being socially savvy and socially aware.

Anyways, the point of today's post is to simply say: I'm still alive (you can all come out of depression now), AND I'm really going to make a concerted effort to start posting again (let the masses rejoice!).

The nice thing about not posting for so long is that I have a nice build up of funny stories.

The picture in the post is actually from Easter Sunday last week...that's a story in itself which I will be sure to post soon.

In the mean time, hide ya kids, hide ya wife, and hide ya husband, because I'M BACK!