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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday Funday!

I have just discovered the true meaning of Sunday Funday. Allow me to elaborate.

Sunday is usually a nice relaxing rest day for me. I go out to breakfast, get some chores done, work on some of my projects, play music, play tennis, read, and pretty much putter around most of the day. Last Sunday morning was supposed to be more of the same.

Not by a Long Shot.

Sunday morning, I went down to Pacific Beach to hang out with my friend Bryan. We took the beach cruisers out, went to breakfast, and cruised up and down the boardwalk. So far, pretty normal right?

Well later that afternoon, we decide to go check out some skateboards and then go over to Lahaina's to grab a beer.

Let me give you a brief description of this place. Its an ultra casual beach front bar. Everybody congregates on the raised patio which faces the boardwalk and the ocean. Bikinis abound on the patio.

Well, it turns out on Sundays, this place has really cheap pitchers of beer, so to save money we just get a pitcher. Innocent enough right? We head out to the patio and share a table with some girls we just met. So far this Lahaina's is pretty fun! I can't complain about Beer and Bikinis!

As soon as these girls take off, we snake the table. Well, now we've just gotten a table but we've finished our pitcher. I suppose we should get another one seeing that it would be a shame to waste this table.

It turns out that having a table makes you immensely popular at this place. We had all types of people coming up and sharing pieces of our table throughout the afternoon. Every time we had a vacancy, I'd invite a new party to our area. By late afternoon, we had met probably 20 people who were all partying with us!

As you can probably guess the waitress continued to replenish our pitchers. All this socializing was making me quite thirsty. To boot, some of our new friends were rewarding our awesomeness by buying us additional pitchers! I'm not one to be rude, so I politely accepted these generous offers.

Some of the notable people we met:

-A Swiss couple visiting San Diego who were drinking prior to heading to Black's Beach to "have some naked fun."
-A stripper from Vegas
-An older lady who "loved" Bryan and was infatuated with my "great skin."
-A 33 year old Cougar who liked me and went on to say "I'm a little too old for you but I want you to meet my 17 year old daughter!" YIKES! No thank you. First of all, 17!?! Come on. Second of all, you were 16 when you had her so that makes her late on the baby making according to your history. Arun Jr. won't be coming for quite a few years.
-A giant party celebrating someones 23rd birthday.

By late afternoon, Jeff had joined our newly discovered Sunday Funday, and we left for another bar with the big birthday group which we had now been inducted to. Jeff and Bryan won us shots by beating some guys in foozball while I meanwhile started a "dance off" between these two twin girls that I met.

Oh but the dancing was far from over! We then beach-cruised over to Moondoggies and met some dance-happy bachelorette party. Well, I have been known to bust a move or two, and it would have been rude of me not to oblige their request, so I, out of the goodness of my heart, joined the fray with one of the brides-maids-to-be.

Yes, this newly discovered fun-day may soon become a regular event. Not only was Sunday ridiculously entertaining, but during the chaos, while talking to Bryan, I came up with a great idea for my next website which has the potential to add to my cash flow!

For you in San Diego, or anywhere for that matter, I highly recommend having a Sunday Funday every now and then, although I have feeling it might be a little more "now" than "then." :)

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