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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Airports and Arizona

Airports are an interesting beast. Despite their best efforts to be secure and orderly, they generally disintegrate into a maelstrom of chaos.

I happen to be in the heart of the maelstrom as I write this.

I honestly feel sorry for people who work at airports. Ticket counter representatives, security, customer service, all receiving a non-stop barrage of pissed off travelers. An old lady behind me just yelled at the ticket agent because our flight is two hours delayed and the gate just changed. Obviously the ticket agent is solely responsible for the plain being stuck in Oakland with mechanical issues.

I just hope she didn't check in any baggage.

I arrived a little over an hour before takeoff having followed my typical preflight routine: I never pack until about an hour before I have to leave and usually arrive at the airport a little over an hour before my flight. Saves time and stress, and I have yet to forget anything important or miss flight (knock on wood).

When I arrived this morning, I was a little surprised. The line for the Southwest Airlines ticket counter wrapped around multiple times and extended OUTSIDE to the curb dropoff area.

Just peachy.

As I searched for the end of the line, I realized several E-ticket check in kiosks were curiously available. Then I looked back at the line and realized all these poor souls (SUCKERS!!!) had to check in bags. I smugly strolled passed everyone, to the E-ticked check in.

Bodda Bing Bodda Boom, I'm at my gate patiently waiting as Old Women are yelling and an annoying kid is running around screaming as if he's playing the best game in world.


And now it's time to board.


So I'm sitting here at the Tempe Starbucks on Mill Ave. getting ready to meet my friend Heather for dinner before heading back to San Diego. This was my first trip to Arizona. I came down for an interview at Arizona State's Business College for the MBA program which is top 30 in the nation.

I've been strolling around campus all day today in a suit and tie. Normally I would feel very businessman like, however my backpack pretty much makes me look like a college kid playing dress up.

After my interview, I went for a stroll down Mill, and stumbled upon an ice cream shop that was having its "Grand Opening." Hmmm...guess I should see what all the hype is about and have some. A little while later whilst doing some more afternoon strolling, I see another shop advertising it has the "Best Ice-cream Sandwiches EVER!"

Naturally, I peek in only to have a look. I honestly wasn't intending to buy anything. Somehow though, the people inside managed to say EXACTLY the right combination of words, and I happily continued down the street with a Cookie-ice-cream-sandwich in hand.

I have no self-control.

If I end up going to ASU though, I sense this place healthily contributing weekend "cheat" days.

So down I'm back in San Diego. I'm working for 2.5 days before heading up to Mammoth for a little skiing.

It's a tough life I live ;)


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Heather W said...

I'm so glad that you came to visit :) You should have posted about our crazy night dancing and the girl that kept bending over with no panties!