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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Non-work Work Day

It's a wonder I actually got anything done when I worked an 8-5 job. Now, even more than before, I always feel like there's not enough hours in the day.

Most of my friends assume that I putter around all day doing this and that to pass the time. The truth is, I never get everything done that I have on my daily agenda. For example, I've been meaning to write a post for the past week-an- a-half, but simply haven't gotten around to it. My days are actually busier than they were when I had a corporate job!

When I worked as an Engineer, I spent a lot of hours at my desk, "working." Truth is, I completed a lot of work ahead of schedule which left me some time to complete other various odds and ends that needed taking care of. Now however, my time is ENTIRELY my own. I don't have to "be" anywhere simply for the sake of being there. I don't spend nearly as much time surfing youtube, reading blogs, etc. I try to keep my efficiency as high as possible and waste minimal amount of time.

I don't watch TV during the day (except ESPN while eating lunch when I'm at home).

I set my alarm at 7:22am every morning (why 7:22 you ask? because that is when that is when the radio morning show dishes out celebrity gossip...totally ridiculous, I know, but it's an entertaining way to start the day).

And what do I do during my 99% efficiency days?

7:22 - Wake up

7:45 - Out the door to gym for cardio workout

9:30 - Coffee Shop near the beach where I work on my laptop

1:30 - Weight Training

2:30 - Lunch

3:15 - More work / play music / general errands

6:00 - Evening activities

So that's a standard sort of day. The thing is, now that I don't work though, everyone always knows I'm available to hang out. So, for example, today I'm meeting Silvia for lunch. Yesterday I played tennis with Jenna in the morning.

Also, I'm much more willing to go out and do stuff in the evenings knowing that I don't have to trudge through an 8 hour day at work. Sure I'll still be tired the next morning (I still wake up at 7:22 even if I'm up late), but the day is WAY more manageable when I'm doing things I enjoy.

It's interesting to notice too, how many people really hate going to work. I almost PREFER weekdays now because I feel so much more productive than on the weekends and have fewer commitments to attend to. But log-on to facebook at anytime, and you'll see a myriad of status updates from people complaining about work.

Quitting Engineering is one of the best moves I've ever made. You spend 0ne-third of your life working, and you only live something like 25,000 days. That's a lot of days spent in misery if you're doing something you don't enjoy.

Now, I ENJOY working because I have a much higher sense of personal investment. Also, I am COMPLETELY in charge of when and where I work. It certainly takes a certain amount of discipline not to waste time puttering around and doing useless things.

STILL though, even though I don't work eight hours a day, there's things I don't have time for:

I've been meaning to brush up on my French - Je ne parles pas bien.

I want to start doing music production again - Haven't even touched the software

I need to start sending newsletters out regularly - only doing them once every two weeks

I just don't know how any of you people work....there's just not enough time in the day ;)

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