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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why You Should Always Prioritize

At any given moment, I have a big list of things to do. Now, despite this huge and growing list, I make sure to fit in lots of fun, excitement, and of course (my personal favorite), ADVENTURE.

Rule number 22 in "Arun's Guide to Lifetime Awesomeness" - prioritize things so you get them done, but not at the expense of fun, excitement, and adventure.

I know what you're thinking..."Oh get real Arun and stop living in fantasy land! If you didn't expense fun, excitement, and adventure, you'd never get anything done! All this time away from
blogging has made you crazy you big (attractive) oaf!"

Well, you might be right about the slightly crazy part, but hear me out.

Recreation to me is not nearly as much fun when I have important things to do. I will admit that I'm pretty good at compartmentalizing things so I don't think about them when I don't need to, but I also enjoy my "off time" so much more when I've been productive and knocked tasks off my list.

So I mentioned that at any given time I have a list of things to do. In that list, I also have priorities - things that I absolutely MUST complete during the day. Sometimes they can be as simple as completing a reading for school, or queueing up emails for work, but I will make sure I get them done.

Let's take today for example. When I woke up, I had two things scheduled on my calendar: brunch with friends, and dinner with friends (tough schedule, I know).

BUT, I had things I wanted to prioritize which I am making sure to do, so that when I sit down for dinner at my friends house, I can enjoy it 100%.

Arun's Priorities for today:
  1. Cardio Workout
  2. Strength Training Workout
  3. Work on Affiliate Promo's (work)
  4. Set up web page headline test (more work)
  5. Complete readings for Strategy and Lab 2 Market (school)
  6. Set up Meeting with Dean (school / business idea)
  7. Admire self in the mirror for at least 3.6 hours
As of right now, I've finished everything but number 2 which I'll be doing as soon as I'm done writing this. (and obviously number 7 is a high priority ;)

Prioritizing is my way of never procrastinating. Honestly, I almost NEVER have to stay up late working on something with a deadline looming. At school, I put minimal time in studying for tests because I keep up to date with all of the readings and assignments. As a result, I never have to stress about things.

Obviously, the blog has taken a bit of a back seat recently. But I can explain.

I'm not a fan of short blurbs. I like my posts to be stories or essays that you can read through and find useful or interesting. As a result, these things usually take some time.

BUT, I'm really working on getting my posting frequency back up. The advantage of not having posted in awhile is that I have a backlog of awesome stories to post.

No. I haven't become a hermit. No I haven't lost my stories of awesomeness. Yes ridiculous things still happen to me. But somehow, the pieces always wind up in my favor.

More blogging coming.

Don't worry...I'll try to make it a priority ;)

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