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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Myspace Commentary

This is the first blog I wrote over on myspace...

So I'm not much of a blogger (this is my first one) but as a somewhat frequent myspacer (as hard as this is for me to admit), there are a number of things which amuse/disturb me about the culture that has developed on myspace. To cover each one of these in but a single commentary would not only be boring for my readers (all two of you) but would be an injustice to each one of these idiosyncrasies I wish to address. So I begin…

Why is it that people feel the need to write "Thanks for the Add" when accepted onto someone else's friends list? This is seriously ridiculous. How many of you go up to your "real life" friends and say, "Gee, thanks for agreeing to be my friend, and further for letting me be on your list of friends!" If I request someone to be my friend, they had damn well better add me and are just as lucky to have me on their list as I am them. The word "thanks" is usually reserved for someone who does something beyond the norm or out of his/her way for you. Writing "thanks for the add," implies that the requestee has done something special by simply agreeing to have the requester on his friends list. Is it really that much effort to click on the "approve" button and have my face show up somewhere on your list? Adding me to your friends list is not beyond the call of duty…in fact, I EXPECT to be added when I make a request!

Will I get flamed for writing this? Probably. Will my friend count drop? Probably. Will I post another bulletin? I don't know (though I definitely have a lot of things I could rant about). Although as a side note, I have never had anyone write "thanks for the add" to me. Could it be that my myspace friends don't think I'm cool enough to warrant a simple "thanks" when it is so commonly passed around everywhere else? Nope, I just think my friends are confident enough not to write it. And if you have written it before, don't worry, we all make mistakes and it's not too late to change your ways. Lastly…I'm fairly confident that neither your luck nor your love life will be affected whether or not you repost this.

Your friend,


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Timothy said...

I think people say "Thanks for the Add" it's when they request Adds from completely random people. I think it's less like making a friend in real life, and more like asking a stranger for a quarter to make a phone call. The level of intimacy is about the same most of the time. Either that or it's a porn-bot and the thanks is an automatic response :)