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Friday, January 26, 2007

Break Salsa

Most people that know me, know I love to dance. No I don't mean the professionally, froofy (yes I said it) type, but I do have rhythm and like to get down. I wish I had the skills of some of those crazy new-school break dancers who flip on their heads and spin like pinwheels, but my attempts are more like self-breaking than break-dancing. I have been known to do a mean worm though...

I do like participating in most types of dancing though (except for some of that "interperetive dance" crap. Seriously, what the hell is that? It's not dancing, its more like "slowly controlled spasms!" Calling that dancing is like calling bowling a sport.) When I was a kid, I was a huge Michael Jackson fan, and as a result would practice busting his moves.

In fact, during my Senior year in high school, I did a lip-synch performance of "Billie Jean" on stage in front of about a thousand people. The excessive crotch grabbing and intense moonwalking made the crowd go wild!

So anyways, last night, five of us decide to head to Cafe Sevilla in the Gaslamp for Salsa dancing! This scared me for three reasons.

1. Aaron and Vanessa tell me that the instructor is a "slave driver"
2. I haven't done any salsaing in two years, and even that was the only lesson I ever took.
3. I don't particularly want to embarass myself on the dancefloor.

Despite these reservations, I was still excited. In the lesson, we switched partners a lot which was cool unless you ended up with someone completely rhythmless. There was this one girl who not only had no rhythm, but was also drunk. Our "dancing" consisted of me holding her up and moving her around to no beat in particular. Twirling? Out of the question. That would have been a disaster.

The lesson finished and I had a new twirl under my belt (along with like two I knew from before). The free dance started, and honestly, I was a little nervous to get out there and dance! (I know...not like me) I finally made it out there with a few girls and had a blast!

There were a bunch of latin guys around that were just ridiculously good! I mean CRAZY good. So me not wanting to be shown up, started inventing new twirls and maneuvers on the fly! Yes, I was twirling girls all over the place. When I would start a move or twirl, I really didn't know how it was going to end up at all, but just executed and hoped for the best.

Towards the end I started incorporrating some of my "old school" break dancing moves into my salsa. I would do "the wave" into a girl, then transition that into a twirl!

Yes, I have invented a new dance form. I call it, Break Salsa. Its Latin America meets Brooklyn. A fusion of salsa moves, break dancing, and uninhibited improv!

Act now and I'll give you the special "first customer ever" discount for a private lesson.

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