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Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm Too Sexy For This Club?

You know I always thought I had potential to go into modeling. With my devilish good looks and charming personality, it seemed like the perfect career. Well, Saturday I got my chance to kick off my modeling career!

Saturday night, a big group of us decided to head out to Red Circle, an upscale lounge/nightclub located in the gaslamp district. This was our first time there, so we didn't really know what to expect.

The first thing I notice when we get in, is there's this temporary catwalk in the middle of the room with people and photographers surrounding it on either side. Apparently there is some sort of fashion show going on tonight.

Beautiful women are strolling up and down the catwalk showing off some local clothing line. The last girl does her thing, and they take a short break before the finale.

My mind starts scheming.

This is almost too good to be true. An open catwalk. A huge audience. But damn the security!

Next thing I know, Darren, Aaron, and Vanessa arrive, spot me, and stroll across the catwalk to my side of the room, not even realizing that it IS a catwalk!

Hmmm. Let me guide you through my stream of consciousness.

"Well, they got across relatively scott free, aside from a couple of funny looks from security. Maybe it's because they were oblivious? Let me do a test run to test the waters"

So I hopped on up, and pretended to just be trying to get to the other side of the room. Nothing happened. Security didn't come for me, but I also didn't get any hollers.

Back to my stream of consciousness.

"Ok, this time I'm putting on show! Now if security comes for me, I can hop over the security railing and "leg it" to avoid potential embarrassment."

I look over at my roommate Jeff, and discover he's thinking the same thing. Its time for a walk off! We get over to the front, a hop on up to the catwalk! This time we really put on a little show. I mean I was struttin my ass off. We got to the end and busted a couple of poses from which we got a couple of hollers.

I walked down the stairs thoroughly satisfied with my amazing performance and this big black security guard is just shaking his head at me...apparently he doesn't appreciate beauty of the male body...either that or he just wanted me to get my freelancing ass the hell off of his stage.

Yes, it was short, but it was oh so sweet! I suppose I should now add modeling to my resume, especially since I live in California. For any of you modeling agents out there, I have experience in runway modeling and will consider doing a gig for a nominal fee.

After all, 100% of my modeling gigs I've done for free, and a man's gotta eat right?


Tushar said...

O man, I was reading your other posts too.......u are so darn full of yourself!!.....I like your blogs,but be a bit more humble,mate.

Arun said...

Haha...rule number 1, don't take my narcissism too seriously mate :)