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Thursday, February 1, 2007

A Typical, Not so Typical, Day at the Office

Ah the Office. Everybody's is different and mine is no exception. One thing that separates my daily office experience from others is the fact that I take note of all of the quirks that most people are oblivious to. Quirks you ask? Yes, quirks...allow me to expound.

I generally VERY routine about certain things during the week. One thing that has been slipping however is the time I arrive to work. I'm always the first in my group to arrive and the first to leave. The problem with being the first to arrive, is that nobody really knows how long you've been there. You could've arrived 5 minutes before everyone or an hour! I've started realizing this and slowly (and unconciuosly) I've started coming in later and later.

One of the first things I do when I get to work, is make a pot of coffee. Caffein has no effect on me, so I generally make decaf just to avoid any unnecessary drugs.

Funny story time. So there's this lady that comes in a little after I do. Last week I was chatting with her at the coffee area and she was remarking, "Ah its so nice to have a pot of coffee already made every morning when I get in! I absolutely NEED the caffein to get going this early."

Caffein? I looked down at her mug and her cream and sugar were all stirred up. I COULDN't tell her that she's been drinking decaf all this time. So what did I say in reply?

"Me too! I don't know how other people go without it!" Yes I know...I'm a liar and phony...but she's better off not knowing right?

Around 10 o'clockish, I start to get the munchies. I usually head over to the microwave and make a bag of the free popcorn we have. I now have a reputation throughout the finance department (where the nearest microwave is) as the "funny popcorn guy." The smell carries throughout the whole area and the sound is unmistakable. People always come up to me, "so your the guy who always makes popcorn for breakfast!" at which point I correct them "No no, this is my midmorning snack."

Recently, I've been bringing fruit in for my midmorning snack. Would you believe that some other mysterious person has been popping popcorn between the tenth and eleventh hours? The Gall! Whoever this is, is stealing my reputation! I've asked the ladies in finance who it is, but nobody has spotted him/her. When I find out, we're gonna have to have a friendly chat about changing his popping time.

Every morning, I also have to alocate a little paper airplane time. My mom bought me this desk calendar for Christmas where each day has instructions to use the page from the previous day to make a new paper airplane. This has turned into amazing fun!

Usually I go out in the hall in near my managers office with another coworker and test the quality of the plain down a long hall. Occassionally, some of the "trick" plains make crazy turns into someones office, which is always fun retrieving. This week, I have folded a B-2 Bomber, F-16, Big-wing, and airliner A-300. Whoever made this calendar doesn't mess around!

Now here's something annoying. Every person I see, walk passed, or otherwise encounter, I always say "hi" or smile at the very least. Then there are those people who you walk passed who PURPOSELY don't look at, or even aknowledge you! I turn and smile only to see them looking straight ahead! I do not get these people. I mean, I'm sure they're nice enough to talk to normally, but they come off as unfriendly and rude when they don't even look.

I've noticed that the vast majority of these offenders are women. Could it be that I'm so good looking that my looks intimidate them to speechlessness??? That's the only explaination I can think of.

There are times when you should remain absolutely silent. That time is in the bathroom. No communication is to take place at the urinals. The only time talking is ok is during hand washing (which NEEDS to pet peeve is people who don't wash). The worst is if I'm heading to the bathroom, and I see like my manager heading in ahead of me...immediate diversion!

There's no way I want to be in there with him...especially if he forgoes the urinal for a stall. The no talking rule then becomes awkward when you actually know the other person in there. "Should I say hi? Am I being rude by not saying hi or am I being courtious by observing common bathroom ettiquette?"

I could go on, but I'll spare you. So next time you're at work, wherever that is, check out the silly little things that go on. I'm sure you'll start noticing a lot more now.

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Anonymous said...

The next time that you walk past someone who is avoiding eye contact, try jumping right in front of them and start a surprise conversation. The look on their face will be priceless.

-The internet stalker