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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Entertaining, Anywhere Sleeper

Sleeping is generally considered a pretty boring task. I mean, really, there's not a lot to it. Most people are pretty good at it, and a lot of my friends are particularly skillful sleepers on the weekend.

I've been called an "entertainer" before...somehow I've managed to unintentionally work these antics into my sleep. No I don't sleepwalk or thrash about when I sleep, but apparently I do some pretty entertaining things.

Not only am I entertaining, but I can sleep anywhere. Noise doesn't bother me too much, and if you sit me in front of a movie and it's after 8:30, I'm bound to check out within 45 minutes. I've only fallen asleep twice in the theaters though. Once during the second Matrix movie, and the other during Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (most boring movie EVER!).

Even when I do fall asleep during movies though, I have this habit of trying to fool people. I'm usually only half-asleep, and can hear the dialogue both from the movie and audience although I'm not really processing it. When I hear people laugh, I automatically chuckle along with them (obviously having no idea what's so funny). When people comment on the action, I'll give the token agreement. Unless you can see me, a lot of people don't even realize I'm sleeping.

In fact, as a kid, my Mom used to take my sister and I to the Symphony and Opera. Despite liking the music, it was so soothing that I'd always fall asleep...that is until my Mom pinched me awake. She wasn't paying good money for me to sleep through the performance. Eventually, I developed a seemingly foolproof and brilliant technique to sleep with one eye closed and the other eye open (the one towards my Mom). She would never know! Somehow, this technique was ineffective because as I began to lose consciousness, my open eye would follow suit (surprising, I know), butI digress.

In my state of sleepy delirium during movies however, I don't always chime in with the right interjection at the right time. I've seen (and consequently slept through) quite a few movies with my buddy Darren. Apparently, I've chimed in with a chuckle, and thrown in a giggle during some pretty scary/disturbing/serious scenes. In fact, he thought I was downright diabolical when I chuckled as Johnny Depp was slicing open throats in "Sweeney Todd."

Apparently, I not only like talking a lot when I'm awake, but when I sleep as well. My friends have told me that I hold incredibly lucid, short conversations with my dream counterparts. Usually it's just a sentence or two, but damn if my annunciation is not perfect! Furthermore, I've been known to use gestures as well.

In Acapulco, we were in the habit of coming home and going to bed after a long night of partying, at around 6am. One night, my friend Aaron decided not to go out because he was going scuba diving the next morning. Aaron woke up early the next morning to get ready to take off. As he was heading out, he caught me gesturing in his peripheral vision and looked over to see me, eyes closed and sleeping, with a huge grin on my face giving him the double thumbs up!

I have no recollection of this, but after some discussion, we deduced a reasoning for my extremely positive sleeping counterpart. During our visit to Mexico, there was an election coming up and they had these billboards everywhere with different politicians giving a huge grin and a thumbs up. I must've been dreaming that I was running for office in Mexico (totally logical since I speak about 50 words in Spanish).

I also happen to be quite affectionate when I sleep. I've been know to unconsciously cozy up to whomever is sleeping next to me...guys included. During our stay in Mexico City, four of us shared two double beds in the hotel. According to Jeff, one night, he woke up with my arm draped delicately over his shoulder. Poor guy didn't know what to think. And before you jump to conclusions, NO I am not a switch hitter (not that there's anything wrong with that). I was oblivious in my unconsciousness.

The best thing about sleeping though, is dreaming. I pretty much remember my dreams EVERY night. In fact, each morning when I take a shower, I spend time trying to remember and piece together my dreams. The feeling of time dilation, and adventure while you're sleeping is great! Most of the time I have pleasant dreams...and even when my dreams suck, the feeling of relief when I wake up realize I didn't actually go to work without pants on, is great.

On the other hand, those jolting dreams that we sometimes get when we're just falling asleep are sometimes embarrassing. You know, like when you're sitting in class, drifting off, then all of a sudden you spasm and wake up to everyone looking and laughing at you (not that I have personal experience with this :)

Whatever it I like the way I sleep and wouldn't change a thing! What good is life, awake or asleep, without a little entertainment!


Anonymous said...

Haha! This is too funny!

Jenny said...

I'm the same about falling asleep in movies. Doesn't matter what movie it is, if it's after six o'clock, I'm out for the count!

Anonymous said...

I thought the slashings in Sweeney Todd were supposed to be funny, in a twisted, cartoonish, OTT way.