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Friday, July 18, 2008

Photoshoots, Fans, and Future Fame

It's been too long since I've posted a nice, juicy, all around narcissistic post. As my regular readers know, I like to moonlight as Zoolander. I have EXPERT experience in photoshoots, runway, walkoff's, AND video :) As I mentioned in an earlier post I was approached at a restaurant in Hillcrest by a smitten photographer and her gay friend about doing a photo shoot. I had no expectations and actually did not contact Amy, the photographer, for like a month afterwards because I was busy traveling and entertaining visitors.

Finally things settled down a bit and I decided to give her a call. I wasn't sure if she'd remember me or even what exactly she wanted. Well, I was shocked when she vividly remembered our brief conversation at the restaurant and was super excited to do a photo shoot with me. Apparently, she wants to use these pics for her portfolio as well as future advertising for her and her clients.

We schedule a date, and I meet her at Torrey Pines State Beach. It was blustery and threatening to sprinkle, but apparently this was great because "Clouds make the scene so much more dynamic!" Hey, she's the professional so I went for it.

As my first solo photo shoot, it was definitely interesting striking poses, looking in different directions, giving her "seductive, wonderment, and demure." I could definitely get used to it though. Somehow, it all felt very natural having a woman take hundreds of photos of me while ogling and telling me how great I look :)

The photo shoot was complete with passionate photographer, wardrobe change, scenery change, and even a casual audience of beach goers watching it all go down. In fact, at one point Amy said to me, "Arun, do you want to move to a place with not so many people paying attention to you?"

Obviously she doesn't know me very well:) Suffice to say, we stayed put and shot around my fans. (Ok ok, so maybe I'm stretching a bit by calling them "fans" but but I swear I saw an old lady give me a wink of approval.)

Maybe I'll take take these pictures and see if I can parlay my modeling career into more than just free smoothies! At this rate, no billboard or smoothie stand is safe from me!


Lexi said...

When you're rich and famous, you'd better keep blogging!

Shelley M. said...

OMG, I can't believe I found you on the internet! You look so good!