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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Busy Bee and Boating Captain

Well you've probably noticed that for the last month or so, my posting has been cut to about once per week. Ok, ok...I know that's not a HUGE difference from only twice per week, but it's still HALF as much, plus I try to put out high quality posts rather than high quantities of baloney.

So why haven't I been posting much? There are just not enough hours in the day! Between working on stuff, and having fun, there hasn't been as much time for me to post these buggers as often as I'd like. I've got multiple writing projects going on along with my regular job, plus I've been doing a lot of research into other possible ventures. Mix in fun time with friends, and it makes for a very busy schedule!

September doesn't seem to be letting up either. I've got big plans for the next three weekends for various friends birthdays, including a little hop over to Las Vegas for mine. I'm getting to be an OLD MAN...later this month I'm turning the BIG 2-5! Yikes. I'm half way through my 20's!

If my Brazilian Buddies had it their way though, I would spend my entire late 20's sailing around the world with them. Obviously, they've heard about my natural love for sailing.

So I'm friends with these three Brazilian guys who came to America earlier this year and are planning on setting sail in October on a 4 YEAR international sailing adventure. FOUR YEARS!!! Apparently back in Brazil, they've been featured on various news programs and have sponsorships from various companies for this ambitious feat. Their names are Gustavo (nicknamed "Dooda"), Algusto - "Goodoe," and Claudio - "Foe-Foe." Apparently they had a two-year-old give them their nicknames.

Last weekend I went out to their boat to hang out. Frederico and I were pretty tired, so we planned on just staying a little while and hanging out before leaving. They were having a bunch of people over for a little barbecue (they live on the boat). Getting to the boat is a bit of an excursion itself. They're anchored off shore, so they came and picked us up on a little dingy and took us out to the boat. We get out there, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the party ratio - about 10 girls and 3 guys. Obviously I immediately had a rush of rejuvenation and any fatigue I had miraculously disappeared!

The interesting thing about this crowd is that not ONE person was a regular old white American. I was the most American person on the boat! We had Brazilians, Czechs, Polish, Canadians, and Brazilians from Alabama. (WTF? Brazilians in Alabama?), and me.

After chatting for a while, Dooda decided to bust out his guitar. He knows about two songs...I suppose he can use the four years at sea to work on his repertoire. Frederico then proclaimed to the crowd, "ARUN! These girls want to hear you play and sing!" I wasn't going to reveal that I play, but Fred, being a friend and seeing an opportunity for me to shine, decided to bring it up.

When people ask about my musicianship or see my instruments, I usually tell them I dabble a little. I say the same thing about tennis. I never like telling people I'm accomplished at things like that (unless I'm in a trash talking situation, in which case I'm the best in history :), because there are a lot of people who are better.

Case in point, I've met a handful of people claiming they are "really good" at tennis. As soon as I hear this, I like to stir the pot :)

Me: "Really? I play some. We should hit sometime."
Other Person: "Are you any good?"
Me: "I'm Ok. I can hold my own but I don't play much anymore"
Other: "I've been playing recently so lets play a game! Don't worry if you can't keep up. It's all fun!"
Me: " sound like you're pretty good"
Other: "Well I played varsity in high school and beat most of my friends, but don't worry, I won't try and kill you or anything"
Me: "Gee Thanks!"

When we finally meet to hit, on the first ball I can tell if they're legitimate. They almost NEVER are, so when we play a game I hit the ball right back to them and try and keep a rally until they mess up. They have no idea I'm holding back. All they know is I get everything back and eventually they mess up...that is until the last few points where I kick it up a notch, just so they know to stay modest next time :) That's not to say I'm amazing at tennis or anything but most people who claim they're really good at anything, generally are mediocre. But I'm totally digressing.

So the guitar lands in my hands and I start playing sweet home Alabama to wild approval by the Brazilian girls from the Birmingham. I was going to stop but Frederico insisted that I keep going. This is where it helps to have a Brazilian buddy. I know broken Portuguese at best, but he whispered to me that the girls were saying amazing things to each other in Portuguese about me. Naturally, I played an encore :)

Later, Foe-Foe fired up the boom box with some Brazilian music and we all started salsaing on the roof of the cabin! Afterwards, while sitting around chatting, Dooda starts insisting I join them on their travels.

"Arun, I'll never be bored if you're around on the trip! AND, you can teach me some guitar!"

Obviously there's no way I'm going on a four year sailing trip. It does sound awesome, but it's not my style. I suppose I'd get my sea legs eventually, but I'd definitely get cabin fever, not to mention, I don't think I could be a vagabond for THAT long.

"You can even be the CAPTAIN!"

I have to admit, after he said that, I thought about it. I stood behind the cool-big-boat-steering-wheel-thing (that's the technical term for it) and imagined steering the ship as the Captain and calling orders. "Goodoe, raise the mast! Dooda, man the jib! Foe-Foe, toss me a beer!"

Then I remembered how my enthusiasm was dampened during my last sailing adventure.

Thanks but no thanks.

So I'm gonna try and get back to my normal posting frequency. Next week, I may even start a series about YTB travel and whether or not you (or I) should do it. Plus, with all the weekend plans lined up already, and with my penchant for adventure, there should be some good stories :)


Anonymous said...

Please do a series in YTB. I would be very interested. Thanks!

Lauren said...

Haha...Don't think you're cut out for sailing Arun but I love your enthusiasm!

BTW, I second the request for YTB series.

Arun said...

Okie Dokie...looks like I'm gonna be talking about YTB next week. I've got a lot of stuff to say!