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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another VIP Extravaganza

I'm not really sure how it happens, but I somehow wind up in awesome situations. I've already mentioned my encounters as The Accidental VIP Recently though, I've been a legitimate VIP (it's about time people recognize how "very important" I am!) A few weeks ago, courtesy of my friend Andre, we were running around a super upscale lounge in La Jolla, getting complementary beverages and service. This time was even better.

So, my good buddy Frederico calls me up last week and has this to say:

Frederico: "Cancel all of your plans this weekend"
Me: "What!?! Well, the only thing I have really planned is to check out the SDSU vs Cal Poly Game and then I was gonna meet up..."
Frederico: "No meeting up! You've gotta meet me at my boat on Friday after work"
Me: "No way. There's no way I'm going sailing with you again!
Frederico: "No we're not going sailing. We're VIP's at a huge labor day party this weekend at The Hotel Ivy"

Plans cancelled.

Apparently, Frederico's friend Shelby, is a very well connected, Regional manager of Snow Queen Vodka. According to Fred, she's also of the Mustang family (think Car not horse), hence the name "Shelby."

So Friday comes along and we show up at the Ivy. There are masses of people outside, including a ridiculous queue in the "VIP line." Great. Now I'm gonna spend an hour in the VIP line.

Not exactly.

Shelby comes down and hands us these "VIP All Access" badges." We throw them around our necks and all of a sudden we become superstars.

Huh...not bad.

She ushers us up to the top floor where Snow Queen Vodka has booked a number of rooms. We go into one of the sweets and there are people partying everywhere. Girls are walking around dressed like "Snow Queens," and in the back, there's a bar with FREE Snow Queen Vodka.

This could be dangerous...luckily my middle name is "Danger," so I forged ahead.

The evening was insane. These badges let us go everywhere: the club downstairs, the club in the basement, the rooftop lounge, the VIP section ON the rooftop lounge. You know it's a serious party when DJ Jazzy Jeff (of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince) is the DJ, and some LA Lakers are in the house.

By about 5:00am we decided we were sleepy. I could've stayed in the $500 sweet for $20. I WOULD'VE stayed, except I had made a haircut appointment for early the next morning (Gee, brilliant planning Arun) and I didn't want to miss it. It took me awhile to build up the courage to cut it short (relatively) and if I missed the appointment, I knew my long hair would stick around for like another month.

The next afternoon, now feeling incredibly sleek with much shorter hair, I returned to the Ivy for the afternoon rooftop pool party. I get to the roof and am immediately ushered over to our VIP section. I sit down and help myself to a nice cold glass of ice water. We have an attractive cocktail waitress wearing practically nothing, taking care of us and our drinks. Naturally, I begin harassing her about her ice-selection for my drink.

Me: "Yes, I'm gonna need more ice. I think you were about two cubes too little last time. Also, can make sure that you don't pick any ice with jagged edges this time? I have delicate gums! You must be new here."

I dont' know if she didn't realize I was drinking water, or if she was getting me back, but the next sip I take is definitely NOT water.

(Me coughing hysterically)

Her: "Why don't I add some cranberry to that Vodka!"
Me: (as she's pouring the cranberry) "You need to work on your pouring form...little less arm, little more wrist"

I then start dancing around to get the handfull of ice she put down the back of my shirt out.


After a nice afternoon, I left and met up with a bunch of friends to watch the Cal Poly vs San Diego State football game at Qualcomm stadium. As Cal Poly alumni, we don't get a chance to root for our football team very often, so we've got to take every opportunity we can get. Next to our tailgate in the parking lot, was a group of friends who are SDSU alumni. Obviously we had to have some sort of competition...involving settle who's school is better.

Suffice to say, we DOMINATED them in Flip Cup. The game was equally amazing as Cal Poly won on a field goal with no time left. (I love football!) Throughout the game, my older, yet juvenile friend Nick was involved in a trash talk battle with four other guys. They were jawing at each other all game (in good fun, I should add). Nick had the last laugh though when Cal Poly kicked the game winning field goal! I was afraid they were gonna beat Nick up, but luckily their Dad was their, so they behaved.

They were all ten years old.

The rest of the long weekend was awesome, but I took leave of the rest of my VIP opportunities at the Ivy. Two days of mayhem was about all I could handle. I could get used to this treatment though. Free stuff...all access...relentless adoration from females around the world...(OK, maybe I didn't exactly experience the last one in full force, but it's the next LOGICAL step right?).

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