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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Racing to Thanksgiving Dinner

Honestly, I'm not sure who gets stuffed more on Thanksgiving: The Turkey or Arun?

As is my tradition for Holidays that have the potential for copious amounts of food intake, I went through the day following my patented Perfect Thanksgiving Plan: a highly scientific and precisely calculated plan of attack.

This year however, I made two amendments to the Thanksgiving Day Chapter of "Arun's Guide to Lifetime Awesomeness."

First is the addition of pre-meal booze. BUT NOT ANY BOOZE! Do not under any circumstances drink beer! We don't need those carbs filling up valuable stomach room before the onslaught of food it's about to be hit with.

Wine is the answer. It's sophisticated, tastes good, and gets a nice buzz going without robbing you of valuable food storage space.

Second is the addition of the Thanksgiving Day "Run for the Hungry." It's a charity run on the morning of Thanksgiving. This seemed like a brilliant way to A) Help people, and B) Offset the damage of "Arun's Dinner of Mayhem 2008.'

So I ran the 10K in a pretty decent time! I haven't run a race since a 5K in college, and considering I'm running a marathon next summer, I suppose I should start training, right? I finished 197/1207. Check out the results here!

So when it came time for dinner, I was ravenous. Suffice to say, I did a number on that bird. Three plate-fulls later...I was stuffed, immobile, exhausted...and ready for dessert.

If you look up the word "Over-eat" in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of me waving at you with one hand while chowing down on a drumstick in the other.

There were three different types of pie.

I ate all three.

A la mode.

The morning race may have actually been WORSE for my overall health. Everytime I was content, I kept thinking:

"Ah! Well I DID run a race this morning so I may as well have more mashed potatoes!"

"I ran awful hard this morning, so another piece of pie won't hurt!"

I burned probably 700 Calories during the race, but when you consume 7000 in the meal, I don't think they quite equal out.

Din was topped off with an after dinner wine and everybody rummaging through the Black Friday advertisements.

I had Thanksgiving dinner this year with my buddy Danny and his family. I always wondered who the hell goes to these stores and waits in line at ungoddly hours just for a sale.

Danny's three Aunties, that's who.

They had plans of staying up until 3am then hitting the Sears as soon as it opened. Insanity.

The evening was topped off quite perfectly. We went over to my buddy Brent's house where I learned how to play, and DOMINATED EVERYONE in Yatzee! This was followed by me learning and semi-dominating (and by "semi-dominating" I mean the next level above suckage and below mediocre) Rockband.

Yes. Another perfectly executed Thanksgiving Plan!

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