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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Adventures in Mexico

Ahh Mexico....a place where thieves abound, corruption in rampant, hookers are cheap, you can make money from marriage (assuming you're American)...oh and opportunity for adventure is everywhere.

Naturally it made sense for me to go there! Over the last year or so, I've been to Tijuana (a few times), Mexico City, and Acapulco. Each is completely different than the others, and has brought different forms of excitement.

Take Mexico City for example, a place that's rich in Mexican culture. The Incan and Spanish ruins are incredible, and the best part is, for a price, you can go anywhere.

We were walking around La Cathedral checking out the Catholic art and prolific organ. Naturally, as a cathedral, there were towering bell towers at each corner. Naturally, I was curious. Naturally, I set about to find a way to get up there.

We finally found some stairs, but there was security guarding the entrance. Thwarted??? I think not!

We chatted with the guy for awhile, and after some discussion, he agreed to take us up for 120 pesos each.

There's a reason they don't let most people up to the roof. It's totally unsafe! There are sections missing railings, the stairs are ridiculously steep, and the roof is uneven everywhere. One misstep and you've had it!

That being said, the views were incredible. We experienced similar views in Teotihuacan on top of the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Again, there's no way people would be allowed to ascend the pyramids in America under the setup the have there. Not to mention, we stopped by a tequila farm on the way where we indulged in free tequila and mascal straight from the cactus!

Extremely steep steps, janky hand rails, loose ruble, and a nice tequila buzz. Can you say Lawsuit?

As much as we enjoyed the history and culture of Mexico City, Acapulco was all about the clubs. For those of you who enjoy going to clubs, you will never visit a better club scene than in Acapulco.

We went to three different clubs over the time we were in Acapulco, and they were by far the best places I had been to! Thirty five bucks to get in, but drinks are free once inside! FREE!!!! The light show is unreal, the views are incredible, and the women are, well....yes.

And then there's Tijuana...what can I say about Tijuana? Might be the shadiest place I've ever been.

On one particular impromptu excursion we went to "Club Animale" and proceeded to get crazy. Around 2am we decided to check out some other venues. My friend Jeff meanwhile was completely plastered, and decided to head back across the border to the car with Brent.

On the way to the car, they stop to get a hot dog from a street vendor...things escalate. Apparently Jeff and the Vendor started arguing and yelling! It ended with Brent dragging Drunk Jeff away as he's yelling at the hot dog vendor to "suck his ____" in Spanish. Why was Drunk Jeff upset?

The vendor was out of Sauerkraut.

Meanwhile Bryan and I are partying until the streets of Tijuana are empty! That's right, we closed down Tijuana. At this point all the hookers go after you, and its not too subtle either!

They sit down next to you, and start grabbing your junk as they try to negotiate a price! No thanks. I can get my own diseases without paying, thank you very much.

Yes, Mexico is certainly an interesting place. Honestly, my adventures have been relatively mild. We've never been robbed (knock on wood), only had problems with the police once, and have avoided being kidnapped by any of the taxicabs!

It's a dangerous life, but I like to live on the edge :)

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