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Friday, August 31, 2007

Game Day

Ah the excitement of Game Day. You go to bed the previous night, dreaming of victory and anticipating celebration. You finally awake the next morning, focused and primed for competition. Noone will derail you on the path to victory, and you shall crush all that stand in your way! You're concentration is peaking and you're ready to go.

The competitors have arrived, and battle is set to begin. I get things started and make the first play...

Me: ", two, three, four, five, six, seven...CHANCE!....Go directly to Jail, do not pass GO, do not collect $200...DAMN!!!"

Yes friends. The Greatness that is Sunday Funday has recently expanded beyond going to the beach and finding adventure. It now includes "Game Day" at my house!

Somehow, over the last couple of months, my place has become the official "congregating-game-playing-venue-of-choice" for Sundays. Let me warn you though...these games get intense!

There's no such thing as a nice relaxing game of Monopoly at my house. At one point, we were on the verge of negotiating a four player trade which included mass swapping of property, money, as well as agreements such as:

"Well if you give me Park Place and $200, then I'll give you four railroads AND you have to promise me not to charge me rent the next two times around the board!"

To which the response was:

"No way! I'll give you half off rent, and you need to throw in Water Works!"

The four way trade fell through because Frederico refused to part ways which his damn "Get out of Jail Free" card.

Come Sundays, Game Day includes everything from Monopoly, Risk, and Tabu, to Poker, Kickball, and Spinners.

What's Spinners you ask?

Possibly the greatest game ever invented (and I'm not just saying that because I was one of the inventors).

Back in college a group of friends and I were sitting around a table, drinking beer, and spinning a quarter. Soon, we were assigning drinks for "quarter flubs," and thus the game was born.

The beauty of the game is that everything is arbitrary and group vote is law. There are rudimentary rules but decisions are made by mass yelling during the game. We introduced this game to a bunch of friends last week and we ended up playing for hours due to mass approval!

I do however, have a knack for inventing games.

Aside from the The Cone Olympics Aaron and I have invented some other great games. One of the most popular is "Pocket-E-Pocket." I can't do these games justice by describing them in writing, but it basically consists of tossing a quarter into the opposing players shirt pocket...with some other fun rules.

I tried playing this with a girl friend once, but for some reason she didn't want to play since the only "pocket" she had was in the middle of her chest ;)

In Acapulco, Aaron and I continued our Game Inventing tradition by competing in the "Pool Olympics" all day. Events included: "Who can do the most push ups under water," "Who can hop on one foot to the other side and back the fastest," and "who can do the most somersaults in a row."

No there is never a dull moment!

Sunday Funday is indeed a great day, and no excuse for laziness! Either I'm hanging out with Football Fanatics, at the beach adventuring, or am involved in some intense game-playing!

Oh the endless possibilities on days off!

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