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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Accidental Model

The more I think about it, the more I realize the amazing similarities between me and Michael Jordan. We're both fiercely competitive, like to play sports, and have done a little modeling. (ok, ok...I know this is a bit of a stretch so far, but stay with me on this one).

Michael was on top of the world of basketball when he decided to retire (for the second time). He had just one his second three-peat for a total of six NBA championships, was the Most Valuable Player in the league, and was the lone man standing at the pinnacle of his trade.

Last summer, I had just completed a background modeling gig for the premier restaurant coupon magazine in San Diego (if you can call a coupon magazine "premier"), and then topped that off by soundly defeating the cover model of the coupon shoot, "Count" Jeff Manchester, in The Great San Diego Walkoff. I was on top of the world of modeling and, like Jordan, was going to go out on top! Since then, I had unofficially retired from modeling.

Or so I thought!

This last weekend, I discovered that my modeling career is apparently alive and kicking...all without my knowledge!

So last Christmas, I attended my friends Christmas party as her date, along with two other friends. There was a professional photographing company there snapping pictures, so the four of us took the opportunity to have our picture taken. No big deal, right?

Apparently, we ARE a big deal!

So this weekend, I'm chatting with my friend Brooke (who was in the picture).

Brooke: "Hey, remember that great picture the four of us took at the Christmas party last year?"
Me: "Uh...oh yea...what about it?"
Brooke: "Well my friend was going to contract that same company to do some photo's, and when they gave him their portfolio, WE WERE ON THE COVER!"
Me: "What!?!?"
Brooke: "Apparently, they liked us so much, they decided to put our picture on the cover of their advertising portfolio!"

If I could remember the name of the company, I'd tell you all to go take pictures with them and make them insanely rich...maybe then they'd have an inkling to give their cover models a little something :)

Mark this one down as my second free modeling gig...Oh but I'm not finished! Apparently I'm in a little commercial advertisement as well!

So last weekend, I bumped into a guy I used to work with. After some initial chat, he all of a sudden got this wide eyed look, like he just had an epiphany!

Me: "What?! What is that look for?"
James: "Dude, Arun! Did you do some kind of advertisement for the UTC Mall?"
Me: "Ummm...I don't know what you're talking about."
James: "We have these TV's in my office building near the mall, and they keep playing this commercial for the UTC mall remodel, and I swear you're in the commercial!"
Me: "Are you sure?"
James: "YES! There's only like three people in the commercial!"

Then it all came flooding back. Last summer, coincidentally on the same day we got the free smoothies for being "models", there was this big exhibit with diagrams and illustrations of the "New UTC." There was also a camera.

As Jeff and I are touring, the rep asks me if I can answer a few questions on this monitor in front of the camera. At first, I'm hesitant as I am "retired" and trying to stay out of the public eye :) But then, she presented me with an offer no model, retired or not, could resist...

A really cool FREE T-Shirt! Score!

So I answered a few questions on camera but really had no idea what the whole thing was all about. I couldn't find the commercials online, but the individual recording spots are online, sorted by rating, at this website. The only video worth watching is the one that says "Tell us about your household," in which I inform everyone of our awesome modeling status! :)

Apparently they picked their favorites, and made a commercial. So here I am yet again, ANOTHER pro-bono appearance (although I suppose I did get the T-shirt).

So just as Jordan did with the Washington Wizards in returning to basketball, I have returned to the world of modeling. Unlike Jordan however, I trust that I am not too old for my trade.

For all of you modeling agencies out there, I need to warn you. In light of recent events my price has gone up. For my talents, I now require at least TWO free t-shirts! (or similar value).

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Anonymous said...

You are so amazing!! Where can I find a copy of you as a background model in that premier San Diego clipper magazine?? Bet they hand-picked a great photo of you.