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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Models for Hire

Yes, it's true. I have begun to expand my career into modeling!

Now we all knew I had the good looks and charm to make it ( least I did), but all I needed was my big break! Apparently my impromptu runway show from earlier this year was not enough to generate the flurry of modeling demands that I expected.

That's why I was excited when my friend Catherine called in need of some "Young Gorgeous Male Models" for a restaurant advertisement (Chive) on the cover of her magazine. Me, being the extremely modest individual that I am, saw this as the perfect opportunity to "give back" to the city I live in. After all, what better way to give back to the community than to grace the cover of "San Diego Community Magazine" with the modern yet timeless art that is ME!

The magazine is actually distributed to some 130,000 San Diego residents. It's basically a coupon magazine with advertisements for upscale and and fine dining restaurants in the Downtown and Uptown areas of San Diego.

To be completely honest, I was not slated to be the star of the shoot. That privilege went to my roommate Jeff. Apparently he had the precise "look" Catherine needed. If you ask me, I don't know how tall, dark, and devilishly handsome (me) can't be anyone's "precise look," but to each her own. Actually, Catherine has always had a particular affinity for Jeff. I think she might secretly be in love with the second best looking man in San Diego.

To we arrived to the restaurant, well dressed and ready for action. We met Catherine and sat around catching up while indulging on drinks at the bar, courtesy of the magazine. The photographer finally arrives as does the female model.

I'm thinking "Hmmm, I could get used to this: free drinks, hot female model, stardom and attention....what's not to like?"

The photo shoot itself was actually rather uneventful. I sat at a table having conversation with a lady who works at the restaurant. We had full wine glasses and were supposed to "look natural and enjoy each other's company." No problem. I'm a joker anyways, so getting her to laugh and bringing the energy up was easy.

Me, being a stickler for capturing the "naturalness" of dining out, also sipped and refilled my wine throughout the shoot in order to create realism.

The shoot ended up being pretty fun and I met some cool people. It was great catching up with my "French Connection," Catherine.

The photographer also turned out being an interesting character. He was pretty friendly and said to me, "I could maybe use you in some future work." That was all fine and dandy until I later found out that he happens to film pornography in addition to his photographic career. Ok, as "gifted" down there as I might be, I draw the line there.

Margo, the female model, also turned out being really cool. She plays tennis and golf which happen to be two sports that I love to play, and was surprisingly down to earth and nice: not really what I expected from a model.

The lady I was sitting with most of the evening turned out to be a coordinator for photo shoots and fashion shows in San Diego. As soon as she told me this, I kicked the charm up a couple of notches! Now, she has my contact information and clothes sizing and is going to contact me (and Jeff) for future gigs.

Come September, the cover of "Downtown San Diego" magazine, will be graced with Jeff and Margo posing with Martini's in the foreground, with me behind them likely sipping some wine with Kristen across the table, laughing hysterically.

Since we did this shoot for a friend, we did it "pro bono," but honestly free drinks, revisiting my French connection (Catherine), making a future modeling connection (Kristen), and making yet another friend (Margo...although the jury is still out on her since she did miss our crazy Sunday BBQ adventure for a photo shoot...apparently she hasn't adventured with us!) was payment enough.

Now, in order to properly train for my now expanding career in modeling, I watch Zoolander everyday, and practice my walkoff skills down the halls at my office. Yes friends, Arun and Jeff are taking San Diego, and then the world (I figure we should start small), by Storm!


Melissa Joy said...

"was surprisingly down to earth and nice: not really what I expected from a model"

Hmm.. not sure how I feel about that. I know you know that I am down to earth and nice!! Haha, I will let you slide this time..

Anonymous said...

I think he was talking about me, bimbo.