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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kick Your Own Ass

For lack of a better title, I just put down exactly what I was thinking the other day. My third-person, self talk was something like this:

"Jesus Arun! You've fallen into a lull! You're doing NOTHING! You're being lazy, half-productive, and lagging behind on a lot of projects you are supposed to be doing! It's time for an ass whoopin!"

Yes, I needed to kick my own ass.

I had fallen into a state where, productivity-wise, I was coasting. I was doing what needs to be done, then somehow wasting away a lot of time thereafter. My procuctivity had slipped, and it went partially noticed. A few days ago, I had an epiphany and decided that it was time to kick my ass into gear!!!

No more excuses!

No more delaying!

Minimize the distractions!

And most importantly...DO WORK!

So the last few days I've really committed to spending more time doing productive activities. This includes work for both my day job, as well as my own projects. To really make this work, I'm holding myself publically accountable everyday on a public forum (an idea I'm copying from Tynan). This serves two purposes:

1. If I get lazy, its publically apparent to people that I've done nothing useful that day
2. Other people can also motivate me to be more productive.

Yesterday, I had one of my most productive days ever! If I continue at this rate, things will be getting done!

The great thing is, I feel GREAT doing all of this "work" and getting things done. Sure sometimes I don't feel like doing something before-hand, but the satisfaction of productivity is worth it. I now think "gee what else can I do so that I can beef up my public 'output' list?"

Now I do consider positive, fullfiling activities like blogging and reading, productive. They may not be "actual" work in the sense of the word, but they are enjoyable and great for the mind.

YOU should jump on the productivity band wagon! Stop half-assing your way around and do some more full-assing! It's time to kick your own ass, step up to the plate, and DO WORK!


Jarkko said...

Hi Arun, being publicly accountable is a really good way to create a pressure for getting results.

I was wondering how to create a n internal motivation, such a drive that one doesn't care what others think...

Where's your public place? Is it this blog? I notice you haven't been posting lately, it's probably a sign of hard work in progress.

Arun said...

Thanks for reading jarkko!

Hmm...maybe I'll do a post about internal motivation coming up. One of the beauties of holding myself publically accountable, is that doing that in itself has fired up my internal motivation! But thanks for the idea.

I post my output HERE

Gerry said...

Good article. An ass-kicking motivational technique I like to use when something seriously needs to get done is to create a dichotomy. For example, I can either do my work or lock myself in the bathroom, no other choices.