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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Entertainer

My roommate Danny and I always joke about how we're "Entertainers." We go over to the neighbors' on occassion and simply steal the show! I know what you're thinking. "Ok here we go, another oration by Arun about how wonderful he is!" Well, I'll refrain from orating this time, but I'm seriously not lying...Between Danny and I, antics and entertainment are always high among those lucky enough for a visit!

Lately though, I've been doing a ton of entertaining! A month ago, I had three friends of mine who go to ASU stay with me. Being girls of ASU, they definitely know how to party, so I was pretty much obligated to be fun, adventurous, and charming (my specialty :)

Then, two weeks ago I had a good friend of mine from Texas in town staying with me. Jim is actually the friend I've known the longest. He was my best friend in first grade! He eventually moved to Texas in fifth grade. Since then I've seen him once (2001) so it's kind of crazy because a lot of our reminicing is from waaaaaaaaay back, but there's this huge gap of time that we don't really know a lot about each other.

Again, not wanting to let anyone down, I transformed into "Arun the Super Entertainer" for yet another weekend.

And just when you thought the dust was settling, I had one day off, then a new Mom!

Mom visits are different though. I get to do a lot of touristy stuff that I don't otherwise do, and discover lots of great restaurants! Despite being a vegetarian, my Mom loves trying different cuisines and doesn't mind treating herself (and ME :) to lots of great stuff.

By the way, for those of you in San Diego, I've discovered that essentially every restaurant in Hillcrest is amazing! I've eaten at Taste of That (my favorite Thai in SD), Saigon on Fifth (awesome vietnamese!), Bombay (Great Ambiance), and Khyber Pass and they are all amazing.

I think I need to figure out how to be a restaurant reviewer...imagine getting PAID to eat out!

Aside from eating a lot, I decided I need to adopt a Panda Bear (went to the zoo this weekend and those things rival "little Arun" in adorability), marveled at the weirdness of sea creatures at the aquarium, ate some more, and met a Yogi Guru.

Yes, while my Mom was doing some shopping, I stumbled upon an Indian Yogi a workshop on "The Art of Living." I was only in there for like fifteen or twenty minutes, but this guy was amazing! I left feeling enlightened and relaxed. I'm definitely going to follow up on this guy!

So now I've got a little more rest time before a weekend Austin trip coming soon! I promise some good stories!

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Anonymous said...

Seeing the two zoo animals at the bottom of your page invokes nostalgic thoughts of field trips to that place in elementary school. Supposebly they have a world renown flamingo exhibit too...amazing how they've trained those birds to stand on one leg like that!!