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Monday, May 12, 2008

Awesome Austin Adventures

Howdy Partners!!!

Yup, I attempted to use my "southern drawl" for approximately 57% of time on my recent little jaunt over to Austin, Texas to visit my ol' buddy Jeff. Fun accent to play with? Yes. Believable? Weyal I reckon dem' naytive Teyxans probly heeyer through ma suthern twang.

How many Indian Cowboys have you seen in your life?

In preparation for my trip, I even bought a cowboy hat and wore it around San Diego for the two weeks prior! In fact, the hat's so spiffy, that I might just have to make it a regular part of my wardrobe!

An Indian San THAT'S something you don't see everyday.

The actual Austin trip seems like a blur now of furious activity, fun....and copious eating (and by "copious," I mean stuffing myself to the gills...then having dessert). The very first night we arrived, Jeff took us to famous Rudy's Barbecue - "The worst BBQ in Texas" the sign outside says. Suffice to say, I was hungry after getting off the plane and went to town on the Brisket and barbecue sauce.

As good as that was though, we went to this place out in the middle of nowhere, in a town called Driftwood, that was insanely awesome. Picture this: you're driving down some country road, when in the distance you see smoke bellowing up off to the side. Is it a FIRE???!!! Nope...just the meat smoker hard at work.

You arrive and park in the back of a massively crowded gravel parking lot. Everyone you see is dragging coolers behind them? WHAT!?! Bringing coolers to a restaurant? What kind of place IS this!?

"Tarzaning" at UT

It's the "Salt Lick 360." And it advises it's customers to "bring y'alls own beer!" Amazing....only in Texas.

There's a country band rocking outside, and all of the tables are long picnic style with the classic red and white checkered tablecloth. After devouring the "meat plate" that we each ordered, it was time for dessert. How good could dessert be at a barbecue place?


The Pecan pie was seriously one of the...if not THE best piece of pie I've ever had. I'm getting goosebumps right now just thinking about it! need to bring me a pie when you come to SD! I mean it.

So what else did we do? We frequented the crazy nightlife spots that are 4th and 6th streets in Austin - the live music capital of the world (another story for another time :), checked out Count Jeff Manchester's future residence (which currently serves as the Capital Building), checked out my future residence on Lake Austin (see attached pic of us "house hunting), met a southern bell named Laura Hogg who chased me all over Austin(and happens to be Count Jeffrey's Girlfriend :), got yelled at by the Life Guard at Barton Springs (actually only Jeff got yelled at) for our "Rapid Fire" diving board antics, and saw Iron Man at the nicest movie theater I've ever been to which has a bar and allows you to drink Coronas while enjoying the movie!

Oh and did I mention we went to San Antonio too? The Riverwalk is amazing...I think I may need to open a branch of "Arun Ice Creams" there :)


Freddy said...

HA! I envy your thirst for adventure. I may soon follow suit. Thanks!

Jen said...

Hi Arun! Love your blog! If I only I had known you were in Austin I would have taken you to "Casa De Luz!" AMAZING!