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Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Time Barbecue Antics

Well, I've already chronicled the misfortune of the Worst Barbecue Ever. Today I thought it was time to tell you about "The Barbecue of Awesomeness!"...mostly because it just happened this weekend.

The weather was perfect: mid 80's and sunny with an ever-so-slight easterly breeze. Danny and I, being barbecue afficianados, decided not to mess around with silly things like hamburgers or hotdogs. No! Those are for mere amateurs and a truly awesome barbecue needs truly awesome food! Danny had marinated a huge bowl of bratweurst sausage for days, and I had picked up a nice big, juicy steak of tri-tip. On top of that, we had copious amounts of beer AND all the fixens for my personal favorite drink, mojitos. We even had authentic (and yes, illegal) cuban rum!

We don't mess around.

So we all mobbed downstairs, poolside, and took over the existing complex party that was going on, with our own party! All was going well. People were eating, drinking, eating, sunbathing, swimming, and oh, eating some more. Danny and I were reverred as heroes for hosting such an awesome barbecue. I was eccstatic. Later, Darren, Craig, Bruno and I all decided to go to the hot tub on the other side of the pool. From here we could also watch the barbecue-party action from afar.

It just so happened that at this time, people were getting a little "throw happy." What do I mean by "throw happy?" Well, I look over and see Derek sitting in a lawn chair that's being held up in the air by Danny and another guy. Fast forward two seconds and Derek, still seated in his chair, is airborn, flying into the pool, fully clothed, chair and all!

Hmmm. This looked like fun.

Conveniently, we were well across the pool, so no one could see the four of us planning our sneak attack. We targeted four girls, standing by the barbecue. We didn't know ANY of them which made this a risk...but I like risks. We each picked a target, and casually moseyed back over to the party area. I took position behind a girl wearing a yellow sundress.

Bruno: "THREE...TWO...ONE!"

They had no idea why he was counting backwards out loud.

Bruno: "Go! Go! Go!"

With that I yanked the beer Yellow Sundress Girl was holding in her hands (obviously I wouldn't risk the safety of an unfinished beer!), and picked her up.

Yellow Sundress Girl (Shrieking): "What's going on!!! ahhhhh! eeeeekk! Oh my God! Oh my God!"

Me: "Time for a swim!"

I cannonballed into the pool with her over my shoulder! Luckily, she was an awesome sport about it and thanked me! "Oh my god I soooo, needed that!" Just as I came up for air, I see Darren with his girl, teetering on the edge of the pool. The bastard was taunting her...I love it!

Darren: "Should I do it? Hmmm...ok maybe not..."

Then he proceeded to do a backwards swan dive of sorts...with her in tow. Owned. I left to go to a friends house soon thereafter, but apparently everyone who showed up to the barbecue was at some point thrown into the pool.

Food, beer, people, and massive amounts of antics...just the way a barbecue should be! In fact, the reprucussions were minimal: Two injuries (minor), one police threat (frivilous), one security visit (who was later bribed I heard), one broken engagement (have since reconciled), and a very happy group of people :)

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Dan said...

Somehow, this story coming from you doesn't surprise me :)