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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hillcrest, Gay People, and Arun

There's an area of town in San Diego called Hillcrest. I suppose you could compare it to New York's Chelsea in that the city's gay population seems to congregate in this area.

It's no surprise then that the restaurants in Hillcrest are AMAZING! One of the great qualities that gay people (is that PC? Oh well, it's my blog and I don't care!) have is that they are all about quality. Gay guys dress better than anyone, have the latest and greatest hair styles, have nicely decorated houses,....and only eat at great restaurants.

In fact, I'm thinking about finding a kick-ass gay hairstylist. I once heard that female hairstylists make you look good-looking yet safe, but gay guys will make you look HOT! (Me? BETTER looking? This could be dangerous :)

One time in college, my roommate and I offered to help our neighbors (a gay couple) move a heavy-ass desk into their condo. The decor was amazing! The condo was mostly the same design as ours, but their set-up made ours look like a homeless shelter!

So we bring the gargantuan desk to the first floor. "Nope"

Haul it up the stairs to the second. "Not Yet!"

Muscle it up, exhausted, to the loft. Apparently this condo has an EXTRA floor which is like a loft within a loft that serves as their "office." Wonderful.

We finally get it up to the small office and I collapse on the desk to rest. As I open my eyes, I'm jolted up by a terror before me! A calendar....a picture on the calendar...lots of men...lots of men and penises!

Not exactly my type of calendar. I have gay friends, but I'm not gay...although about a year ago, one gay guy particularly irked me.

My old buddy Jeff and I decided to stop by a Thai restaurant in Hillcrest about a year ago to grab some dinner. We found a great parking spot, and all was good! But as we're walking to the restaurant, some guy passing us whistles at Jeff! Now at first this didn't bother me, but after thinking about it, I started to get pissed!

How does this guy know we're not together!?!? I mean, for all he knows, we could be a couple, and he has the nerve to whistle at him in front of ME!?! I should've had a good mind to beat him up!

I've since let it go since I've head that gay guys can tell immediately whether you're gay or not. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. OBVIOUSLY I exude such heterosexual masculinity that women around the world flock to me :) Apparently Jeff doesn't give off that same manly essence...

Fast forward to last week when my Mom was in town. We were at an awesome Vietnamese restaurant in Hillcrest. They were doing some HIV/AIDS fundraiser that night and one of the raffle prizes was a photographing and portrait session with this professional photographer. So as my Mom and I are eating dinner, we are interrupted by a gay employee named Ian and the photographer (Amy) who apparently was also at the restaurant.

Ian (speaking with a flaming gay accent): "Oh my GOD! I'm totally gonna embarrass you right now! Amy and I were just looking at you across the restaurant and.....yes.....yes....those eyes...that hair....those cheekbones...she just HAS to take your picture!!!"

Me: "Oh, well thanks."

Amy: "Blah blah blah, here's my card, PLEASE call me! I would love to take your pictures!"

As much of an egomaniac as I am, I was a little taken aback! I still need to call and schedule this next "modeling session" with Amy. Of course I have experience in photoshoots, runway, walkoff's, AND video :)

Ah yes. Those good ol' gays...they definitely add flare to society!


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Ha! You're hilarious! How do you always wind up in these situations?

Erica said...

So did you do the photo shoot??? Where are these pics gonna be! :)