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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finding the Extra Gear

Recently I've noticed that most people don't really know, or have the heart, to dig deep. Occasionally, some adrenalin inducing situation may arise where we have to force ourselves to kick our physical effort to the next gear, but for most people that's extremely rare, which in my mind, is a separating quality between average people and people who accomplish their goals.

One of my goals for this year is to run the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon. Not only do I want to run a marathon, but I want to do it in a decent time.

There will be no walking.

There will be no excessive stopping to re-tie "loose" shoelaces (as we all used to do in elementary school to buy some rest time during "the mile run").

It's not that I particularly enjoy running, and to be quite honest, I'm not exactly Jolly McJollyson waking up at 7am Sunday mornings to go train, but I dig deep and get it done.

I find the extra gear. I've gone running with some people who, sure, they at least get up and make it out, but they don't know how to find the extra gear and really push themselves. The minute they get tired, they start walking.

As Arnold Swartzeneggar says in the movie Pumping Iron, "the ability to push through the pain barrier (while training) is what separates the elite from the average."

Last Sunday morning, I went on one of the most brutal runs I've been on. 12 miles of HILLS! Believe me, when I was climbing the first mountain, my lungs on fire and my calves screaming bloody murder, I really wanted to walk, but mentally I wouldn't let myself.

My calves are still mad at me.

I found the extra gear and made it to the top. The picture above shows the elevation changes each mile as tracked by my awesome new GPS watch (Thanks Mom)!

Last week, I hopped in on the spin class at the gym for only like the second time this year. I'm not a great biker, but varying training styles is good. I'd bet at least 50% of the class are better bikers than me. The crazy thing is, I'm certain I worked harder than everyone.

A lot of people gave up on some of the hard climbs much earlier than they could have. They didn't have the desire to dig deep and find the extra gear.

I absolutely HATE HATE HATE that damn spin class! In fact, I hate it so much that I'm going again tomorrow.

Why do I torture myself?

Because I know it's good for me and I feel like it's a test of my will. If I can get used to pushing through the pain and really digging deep, then it won't be so difficult when I really have to (like at the end of a marathon).

If everyone practiced finding the extra gear, we'd all be much better off (and in much better shape!). In fact, you can apply this principal of pushing yourself to practically anything (although, I'm probably not the best example of doing this which is why I'm conveniently leaving other applications out :)

Now if only I could somehow transfer this will power to resisting dessert ;)

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Martha said...

If you really want to test your gear finding abilities, you should come up here in August and run the Lost Lake Run...16 miles, 8-10ish uphill (2,000 feet I think). It's probably the hardest thing I've every done physically, I did it the summer before last and want to do it again next summer. Come know you WANT to!