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Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Crashers

My Birthday is in the Fall, Winter brings Christmas, Spring has, well, Spring Break, and Summer delights with Wedding Season!

I thought I had finished my Summer's worth of weddings last month when I attended two awesome weddings. The first was one of my best friends from College who had probably the most fun wedding I've been to. Aside from some of my really good friends who hardly get to see anymore being there, there was AMAZING food (always adds mucho points to any festivity in my book) as well as an open bar (ditto).

Postulate 58 in "Arun's Guide to Lifetime Awesomeness" states: Weddings shall be planned such that the ceremony is kept to minimal length (15 minutes max) such that extra time may be added to the reception (the real reason everyone goes to weddings anyways). Reception shall include Ample food and booze, as well as a regulation dance floor, and at least one beautiful, single, woman.

Becca's wedding satisfied all of my criteria of awesomeness.

The second was Jeff's sister's wedding.

Apparently, Jeff's Mom was quite happy I attended. According to Jeff, I was the M.E.G. ("Most Entertaining Guest) of the night.

So this last Saturday brought me to yet another wedding, and of COURSE I wanted to keep up my reputation as the M.E.G., only this time, I didn't know the Bride OR the Groom.

Allow me to expound.

I was supposed to go to this bowling alley/bar downtown on Saturday evening for a friends birthday shindig. In the afternoon though, I was invited to someone's pool party, so I thought, "Hey! What better way to warm up for a birthday party, than by going to a pool party before hand!" Seemed logical enough.

So my friend AK and I head over and meet our friends Jenny and Rashelle over there. The one thing you need to know about Jenny and Rashelle is that they LOVE to play Flip Cup (a popular competitive drinking game).

One hour later, half the party is involved in a giant flip cup game. Fast forward another couple of hours and it's about 6:30. AK and I were supposed to be at the birthday thing at 4:30.


As we get ready to take off, Rashelle enlightens us with this little tidbit. "There's a Padres game at 7:00, so not only will you be fighting traffic all the way downtown, but parking is gonna be a bitch! Why don't you guys come to Kate Sessions Park with us and continue the flip cup magic, then go downtown when the traffic has settled?!?"

As we established earlier, I'm not one to argue with good logic, so to the park we went!

Upon re-commencement of our flip cup game, we noticed a wedding reception just beginning. The DJ was awesome so we set up our table nearby to enjoy the tunes. Soon, wedding goers started noticing our awesome game and migrated over to have a peek. Yes, they wanted to join in.

The more the merrier, so soon, a bunch of people from the wedding party were rabidly involved in a flip cup battle! As the battle waged on, we noticed, as part of the reception, they had one of those huge inflatable bouncy rooms.

Suffice to say, we ended the game and got our bounce on. I was bouncing so hard, I managed to bounce my way to a broken belt. Once thoroughly exhausted, we joined the dance party at the reception and enjoyed whatever delicious dessert it was they were serving. We were dancing up such a storm that the wedding photographer was taking a bunch of action shots of us...should be interesting when the bride and groom get the pics and wonder who the hell we are :) When it came "Garter Belt toss" time, AK and I joined in! (Though I wonder what would've happened if one of us caught it).

At this point the Birthday party was thoroughly forgotten and I was only focused on maintaining my reputation as the M.E.G.

Until next wedding season...

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Good Lord, you are dancing with the bride. I wish i was like you...good at social skills. Most wedding i attend,i just stand in a corner.