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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Dynamite Weekend...

Since I moved down to San Diego, every weekend has been very unique. Last weekend was just another of those which had crazy unnexpected twists and turns.

So Friday night comes around which usually means I'm not gonna be eating at home. Jeffrey and I head down to Bronx pizza which, if you like New York style pizza, is a must try. Best pizza in town is still Theo's in PB, but I digress. My buddy Darren and I decide to save some energy for Saturday and have a relatively low key evening tonight, so we go downtown to the Onyx room for a few drinks.

Enter Allison Dynamite

I don't even know if that's her real last name, but I think it suits that crazy Texan. Yes she was visiting from Austin and she and her buddy Charlie invaded our "mellow night." Here we are, Darren and I, chillin at Onyx room, and its relatively early so there's practically no one here. Dynamite strolls in and I take notice because:

1. She's cute
2. She's Dressed very differently than most girls downtown

So who is she? Well an artist and, get this, a stand up comedian. Apparently she is friends with Darren's favorite comedian Jim Gaffigan. I don't know who the hell he is, but apparently he's funny. Anyways, we get to talking and next thing I know, I'm at another bar taking shots of wisky with beer chasers and highfivin everyone. We are crusin all around this bar ("The Bitter End" which by the way is pretty neat) and it turns out Dynamite actually has a broken foot. Apparently alchohol dulls the pain because she was in the ER the next day.

Charlie was a nice guy but I hardly saw him because it seemed like he was outside all night smokin cigarettes. Charlie, you're a cool guy, but seriously, the cigs are killing not only your lungs, but your social life as well.

Anyways, Dynamite and Charlie end up bailin out early so Darren and I stay to Dance the night away. Was the night over???

Not by a long shot.

Lets just say I might have accidentally broken a someones $500 Chanel wallet (who the hell carries a freakin $500 wallet anyways?). Luckily she loved me so much that she wasn't mad in the least :) Darren meanwhile encounters possibly the most mentally unstable, low self esteem, desperate person I've ever met (That's another long story which I don't have the patience to tell).

Anyways Dynamite and Charlie were fun and I'd say our night turned out being much more eventful because of them. In fact Saturday, our planned crazy night, turned out being tame in comparison to "mellow" Friday.

Yes, it was just another quiet Friday night for the boys.

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Anonymous said...

I feel honored, Arun. Truly. I'm not quiet sure how I made it out of there alive (my "quiet" evening started much, much earlier, hence the need to bail around midnight). I like the idea that superheroism allowed me to party with you guys despite my ailment. I'll be back in SD in early January. Be ready.

Allison Dynamite