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Monday, December 18, 2006

Text Messaging

Text messaging is a brilliant invention that, unfortunately too many people misuse. That's right...I said it!

The text message is great for a number of things. If you think someone might be occupied in an environment where it wouldn't be appropriate to answer a call (in class, on a date etc.) a short text to relay information is a great idea. "meet me at such-and-such place at whenever-o'clock."

"are you coming?"
"good luck"
"Kiss her already!"

You get the point. I'll even admit that I enjoy getting text messages. There's that little excitement that you feel when you see you have a text message. Its kind of like when you get a letter in the mail or even a little comment on myspace.

Now on to the rant...although text messaging is great for quickie communication, I think its absolutely ridiculous when so many people use text messaging as a replacement for ordinary telephonic conversation! Seriously a three minute conversation accomplishes the same thing as 3 hours of text messaging. Sadly, I know alot of offenders (you know who you are). Its OK though because I love you no less. You are like many in society who have fallin into the text messaging trap! Have no fear though because I, Arun The Magnificent (that's what they call me....ok well maybe that's what I call me :) am here to help you change your ways.

I have fallen into this trap too. I generally insist that the person just call me at some point.

So why do people do this? The only thing I can think of is because text messaging allows you to plan your response. You're not put "on the spot" like you would be actually talking to somebody on the phone. I personally prefer having to think on my feet and be snappy with my responses. If my hypothesis is wrong, feel free to share.

But that's not the only abuse of text messaging! No no. One thing I don't understand is when people send out the mass text message to everyone in their phone. They usually go something like this:

"Happy Thanksgiving!"
"Happy New Year!"

I know what you're thinking. "But Arun, these are nice friendly messages! What the hell is your problem!" What bugs me about these messages is the total lack of personal sincerity. If I went home today and there was a candy cane taped to my door, I would feel nice that somebody was thinking about me, knowing my affinity for sweets. But if I look around and see a candy cane stuck on every door in building, I know it wouldn't have mattered who lived in my apartment. Similarly, if I get personalized message like "Happy New Year Arun!" I love it!

Even Christmas cards have a higher level of sincerity because they have to be physically addressed to each individual. Now if someone were to go to the post office and give the teller an address book and a bunch of blank cards to stamp an address on and send out, that would be the same as a mass text message.

I'm not sure why people send out mass text messages. Its on the same level as buying everyone you know, your friends, relatives, acquintances, and business partners, the same christmas present. Gee thanks...I glad you thought of me when you bought it.

Now don't think I'm ungreatful or even feel any hostility towards text message offenders. I'm actually pretty neutral about it. I just like bringing up things that I don't necessarily understand or practice and letting you all know why they are so silly. So for you offenders, don't hate me, but feel free to send me a personal text message (or phone call for that matter) to let me know how much my practical and genious commentaries have changed your life!

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