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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Driving Etiquette

Generally I'm a pretty even tempered guy in most situations. It usually takes a lot to get me riled up. One exception however is when I 'm driving. I have to commute at least 25 minutes each way to work everyday which means I spend a lot of time on the road. Now I definitely don't have road rage, I rarely honk my horn, and flip the bird only when extremely desserving, but I do spend some time everyday being pissed off at terrible drivers. The following is a list of usurpations committed everyday on the road.

1. When I let somebody "in" in heavy traffic it would be nice to get "the wave." I generally feel good about letting somebody in when they give the appreciative wave, but when they don't, I'm pissed. I'm letting you in and you can't even say "thanks?" How hard is it to just raise your freaking hand? I always give the wave because its the courtious thing to do.

2. If you are going to drive at the speed limit or below on the freeway, don't be in the left lane! There are lots of other lanes to pick from so move! Seriously, look in your rear view mirror and see all those cars bumper to bumper? Now look in front of you and see all that open space? Step Aside!!!

3. On a related note, If I'm driving 15 miles over the speed limit in the left lane, don't freakin ride my ass. In order to let you by Mr. Speedy Gonazalez, I have to slow down to the speed of the next lane over, merge in, and then hope I can merge back over left. If someone does let me in, I'll make sure to give the wave.

4. Don't be affraid of downhills on the freeway. Seriously, it seems like everyone feels the need to break whenever there's a downhill. Just coast! One break light creates a domino effect and slows down traffic everywhere.

5. Is it really necessary to slow down to 40 miles per hour for an exit thats 2 miles up the road? The whole purpose of off ramps is to use them to slow down so you don't have to slow down on the freeway!

I could go on, but I'll leave it at five points. I bet I'll encounter at least three of these five atrocities today! If you find that you are frequently guilty of committing any of these acts, consider this a friendly request to learn proper driving technique and make the road better for all of us.

If you are frequently guilty of all of the these acts, please do us a favor and buy a bike, or a good pair of running shoes.


Anonymous said...

You know what I hate? Hearing about two crazy drivers who are too impatient and get a rush from running red lights when they feel no one is around. Oh Arun, you are hilarious. Don't let Jeff corrupt you anymore ;)


Shaan said...


Moreover, I don't honk to be rude, I honk to INFORM you of an imminent danger or an overlooked lapse in judgement. I guess that's my indian side, though.

ALSO! Why don't people flash their lights at others more often? I do it when I'm letting someone into my lane, or its someone else's turn at an intersection.