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Monday, December 4, 2006

Football Fanatics

Football in America is definitely our most adrenaline inducing sport both on and off the field. I am a fan of a lot of different sports, but as a rule, I have never seen such fanatical, out of control, revved up fans as I have while watching football.

Most Sunday mornings, I go down to Rock Bottom Brewery to watch the best team ever play (Kansas City Chiefs). I consider myself a passionate fan. I definitely like to yell at the TV as if I have some sort of impact on the game and occasionally bang my head in frustation, but over all I'm pretty controlled. The great thing about Rock Bottom is that you get a myriad of fans of all teams so at any given time there are at least a few people yelling. Only in football will the same person be yelling "GO! GO! GO! YEA!" completely ecstatic and then five minutes later scream "WTF! Tackle someone you pieces of shit!" One of my favorite things is to watch the waitresses' reactions immediately after an erruption. Its generally a mix of suprise, fear, and sometimes disgust.

Yesterday a friend of a friend had some people over to watch the night game. The audience was definitely more exciting than the game. I don't think I have ever heard so many obscenities yelled at the TV in such a short fans from the winning team! Throughout the game, every good Seahawks play was celebrated by mass yelling, jumping, highfives, chestbumps, running through streets, crawling, and yes punching. By the end of the night there were two broken wine glasses, at least one broken beer bottle, and a busted chair.

Yes it was great. In fact I myself started getting pumped from everyone around me! I was jumpin with the fans, celibrating big plays, and regretfully, highfiving. I don't think I've even had my had slapped so hard in my life. Throughout the evening, I learned that if I was going to celebrate, I needed to be like the third or fourth high five to avoid any serious pain. It was worth it though. I love to kind of instigate and stir the pot for excitement. The girls were definitely getting annoyed at a couple of the Hawk fans, and while I myself wasn't getting crazy, I was definitely contributing to making the other guys fanatical.

Yes my is a dangerous sport for both players and fans.

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