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Monday, April 23, 2007

Arun Hangs Out With/Cons the Real World/Road Rules Cast

This has got to be the longest, most descriptive title I've ever used. At first, I was going to think up one of my normally clever titles, but this seemed appropriate and intriguing enough to make people want to read.

I have to be honest. There is rarely a dull or boring moment in my life. If I see one approaching, I generally find either something productive to do, or some trouble to get into. Hey, they (and by 'they,' I mean 'me') don't call me "Adventurous Arun" for nothing!

So last Saturday, Bruno, Frederico, and I decided to head over to the Yardhouse to hang out and have a couple beers. We hang out upstairs for awhile and decide to go check out this lounge area downstairs. Unfortunately we have to wait in line for about 10 minutes to get in.

As I'm standing in line, I'm joking around with Frederico, doing my fake Australian accent and he is hysterical with laughter. He tells me I HAVE to do the accent to the first person I talk to once we get in the lounge. No problem. I have a few accents in my repertoire that I can do pretty well, and one is the Aussie.

Bruno then turns to me and says that he saw some camera's around and that he thinks the current Real World/Road Rules cast is at the bar! At first I didn't believe him, but then I saw Susie from Road Rules walk out holding some guys hand! Now I'm not huge into Road Rules or Real World, but I will admit I've seen quite a few episodes over the years, so I am familiar with some of cast members. Apparently the current cast is made up of veteran Real World and Road Rules cast members.

So I get into the lounge, and the first thing I notice is the completely unnatural seen caused by the Road Rules cast and crew. They're at some booth drinking, but they're surrounded by cameras, extra lights, and a boom-mic on a poll. There is no way anyone can act "natural" under these conditions. Bruno tries to get over to the table but there are actually security guards on either side, not letting anyone "unauthorized" in.

Meanwhile I, staying true to my word, go up to this cute girl and start talking to her in my full-on Australian accent. She is completely charmed. In fact, I wasn't really acting any different than normal other than doing the accent, but then I had to create an elaborate story to explain my supposed background growing up in Australia and how I came to San Diego etc.

This girl totally loved me. In the process of being from Australia, I also pretend to have no idea of what the Road Rules or the Real World are because they're "not that popular on Aussie Tele!" An entertaining conversation ensued:

Me: "Me Mate Bruno told me those blokes are on the Tele"
Her: "Yea, they're practically famous here in the U.S.!"
Me: "I di'int recognize them, but it has gotta be great to be famous in this country!"
Her: "Arun, you are SO HOT (I told you she loved me) and you could totally be on the show!"
Me: "That'd but absolutely amazing!"

At this point, the Road Rulers leave the booth to go drink and dance.

Her: "You HAVE to meet them!"

I was actually beginning to like this girl. She was super enthusiastic and was all about getting me to meet all the Real World/Road Rulers. So, no joke, we literally go up to each one and she introduces me as follows:

Her: "This is my friend Arun from Australia and he wants to be famous! Isn't he HOT! (did I mention she loved me?) He could totally be on the show, couldn't he!?!

I would then politely interject and tell them that I didn't really know who they were, but that I think its cool that they're so entertaining to Americans. Interestingly, the think the cast members liked me so much because I (supposedly) didn't know who they were and was completely oblivious to their "fame."

So we ended up kind of hanging out in the lounge for a little while and I even danced with (and got a peck on the cheek from) Kina! (She was one of the only ones that I recognized). In fact, she was thoroughly fascinated by my "Australian background," and I think slightly enamored by my charming yet oblivious nature.

We ended up taking pictures with all of them with, though I don't have any because it was with other people's camera's. Don't be shocked if you see a picture of the Road Rulers with good ol' me giving a rye smile somewhere in the middle, floating around on myspace.

The three cast members I actually hung out with were Derek, David, and Kina. I was actually surprised by how nice all of them really were. Turns out they're in the current season of Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge.

So did I ever come clean??? No freaking way. I was in too deep, and coming clean would have made me look like some kind of a no-good, lowdown, con (even though technically I was a con). Truthfully, I wasn't planning on being Australian with all the Road Rulers, but since this girl I met was introducing me to everyone, I couldn't break character, so I just had to roll with it!

I actually wanted to get the girls phone number, but didn't for three reasons.

1. There was no way I was going to come clean. It was too late for damage control!
2. I didn't want to lead this charade any longer. I can't imagine having to do this damn accent for a whole date!
3. She definitely had potential to be a clinger.

FYI, this is actually the first time I've ever totally conned someone into thinking something about me that I'm not. I occasionally fake the Indian accent, but I always come clean once everyone's had a sufficient laugh. I actually felt bad doing it to the girl for so long, but in retrospect, I do find it quite awesome that everyone believed me! I've decided not to do it any more, unless I'm talking to someone I have very little interest in, in which case "Australian Arun" may make another appearance.

It's funny how randomly this all unfolded, but what fun is life without a little bit of randomness!? I'll going to try actually watch this Wednesday's episode of Road Rules. I don't think I made it on camera, but there's a chance my Australian counterpart did!

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