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Friday, April 13, 2007

Six Great Places to Shop Online

I'm not a huge online shopper, but I do VERY heavy research whenver I buy anything online. Occasionally, I'll buy through a cheap, unknown dealer if I'm purchasing something I'm fairly certain I won't need to return, or have to deal with the company about in the future. Overall though, I've found a few companies that stand out in terms of product quality, cost, customer service, and return policy.

1. Tennis Warehouse (and related Sporting Goods Companies). Having worked here for two years, I am EXTREMELY familiar with the policies, prices and customer service. I can honestly, and unbiasedly say that Tennis Warehouse is the most secure, cheapest, and customer service friendly company I know of. TW's training program is complete such that every customer service rep becomes a tennis expert (or has immediate access to an expert) when you call. You can literally ask any tennis or tennis product related question, and they will answer it for you.

The prices are also unmatched. TW guarantees to match the lowest price you can find (if they're not already the lowest). NEVER buy tennis related items from retailers like Sports Authority, Sports Chalet etc. Having seen the cost of items, as well as TW's prices, the markups at these places are OUTRAGIOUS!!! You can expect the same quality of service from TW's subsidiaries Skate Warehouse, Inline Warehouse, Tackle Warehouse, Running Warehouse, and soon to come spinoff (though a technically unrelated company) Golf Land Warehouse.

2. Eastbay. I've bought many a pair of athletic shoes from here. They seem to always have the best prices for athletic apparel and constantly have bargain sale items. Everything I've ordered has come quick and in immaculate condition. Customer service here is also great.

3. Costco. . Everyone knows that Costco has the most ludacris return policy ever in they take EVERYTHING back! The great thing is, Costco generally carries upper tier items (though usually not "cream of the crop") at fabulous prices. Buying from Costco is essentially "no risk" because you know if you don't like it for ANY reason, they'll take it back for a full refund! Most people are unaware that Costco does a lot of sales online.

4. Nordstrom. For higher end clothing, Nordstrom offers exceptional customer service. Sure the prices are not the best, but the return policy is great, and I've found the customer service to be incredibly helpful. Nordstrom's policy is to accept returned items that could have been bought there without question. They've even been known to hand deliver special order items to peoples homes, and send 'Thank You' cards to some shoppers.

5. Eddie Bauer. The best thing about Eddie Bauer is the 'lifetime warranty' on their items. I bought a backpack here, and after a couple of years, it started breaking down, so I brought it back, and they let me exchange it for a new one of the same (or lesser) price! The beauty of it is, I can do the same with this backpack!

6. REI. Same deal as Eddie Bauer, everything has a lifetime warranty, so if buy say a $1000 bike, and it craps out on you in a year, take it back and they'll give you a new one! Lifetime warranties are awesome for items you frequently use!

So there you have it. A little list of six places that you can feel safe ordering from, that won't screw you over. Happy Shopping!

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