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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Routine Your Way to Awesome Living

You never thought "routine" could be used as a verb did you? Well, one of my talents happens to be misusing the English language to create new word uses that are somewhat understandable.

So what am I talking about?

Rule number 135 in "Arun's Guide to Lifetime Awesomeness," - establishing a good routine is essential for maximizing fun-time. AND, postulate number 42 states "Lifetime Awesomeness is directly proportional to quantity of fun-time," so there's mathematical sense behind this.

Well, me being one not to argue with my own science, on almost all weekdays I am very routine. I get up at the same time every morning, do the same stuff to get ready, and go to work. At work, I generally eat and workout at the same time as well.

Sounds pretty mundane, eh? In fact, so many people resist the temptation to have a routine because they feel like everyday will be the same and life will be boring! On the contrary, having a routine actually creates more time to be spontaneous and "live life awesomely" (and if you haven't guessed, that is a running theme with me).

Not convinced yet, are you? Allow me to expound. The greatest thing about having a routine is that high priority activities are built into your day and you are able to get these done extremely efficiently while still having time to do whatever you want to.

For example. Exercise is a priority for me everyday, and its built into my Monday through Friday schedule. At lunch, I play basketball or go running, and after work, I go to the gym to lift weights. Skipping is not an option. Exercise is a "built in" part of my day, just as eating lunch and going to work are. The beauty is, it's not a nuissance that I have to plan around since its already in my schedule as a requisite activity and placed at such a time, that it gets done as efficiently as possible.

Think about it. You take a shower everyday, and most people do it in the morning right after they wake up, or in the evening before bed. But what if you decided that showering was not a priority (in which case you would no longer be welcome in my immediate proximity) and decided you'd just do it if you "have time" or "get a chance." Well, first of all, it would be a pain to have to go out of your way in the middle of the day or whenever, to go take a shower, and second, it would hardly ever get done!

Part of the reason so many people don't regularly exercise is because they don't incorporate it into their routine! When I exercise after work, I go straight to the gym to save time, and avoid any dilly dallying that would happen if I stopped home first.

When I do get home, I now have the whole evening free to do whatever I want without having to plan around anything!

I also need to make time to write this blog. Many times, this is right before bed (and a little during a break at work). Again, I put this activity into my schedule so that I don't waste any of my precious free time planning around this.

I know a few people who don't really have any sort of routine. What's the most common complaint? "I don't have any time for _______(insert fun or healthy activity here)!"

I generally won't say anything, but inside I'm thinking, "Well that's a big fat piece of juicy BOLOGNEY!"

Most of us have the time to do these things, but it takes an establishment of some sort of routine to manage your precious time as efficiently as possible, and thus have more time and energy to do the things you love!

Establishing a routine is like adding hours to the day!

I know what you're thinking. "Arun, you're pretty smart." (I know, continue your complementary thinking) "But how do you expect anyone to follow a routine every day! I like change! In fact, how do YOU even follow a routine everyday! Doesn't it get boring?"

First of all, my evenings tend to vary and be totally UN-routine (yes I invented another new word). Because I was so efficient in getting everything I prioritize finished, I have all types of free time in the evenings to do whatever I want!

And, when the weekend comes, I don't know the meaning of routine! I never plan workouts on the weekends because I have no idea what I'm going to be doing, and I hate having to plan around things (especially something like working out which isn't exactly the most fun thing to do) later in the day. Seriously, there is no structure whatsoever to my day on Saturday and Sunday.

So if you're one of the many people who feel like there's not enough time for anything, realistically look at your routine (or lack thereof), analyze, and fix it so that you can maximize your fun-time and live life awesomely!


Anonymous said...

you are pretty funny, which is why I read your blog, but do you really believe that "Lifetime Awesomeness is directly proportional to quantity of fun-time"? Do you every worry that your life philosophy might come across as pretty shallow? Personally I wouldn't look at someone who spends all their free time partying and having fun and in general living for themselves and think "wow that person has lived an awesome life" more like "that person has lived a rather meaningless and selfish life" Not that I am perfect or anything but I think that maybe you need to have a post on contributing to society and living a meaningful life we all have room for improvement in this area. When I think of "Lifetime Awesomeness" I think of people like Dr. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln.
Just my opinion
Emily Weaver Brown

Arun said...

Sure it probably comes off as shallow, but in order to maintain my comic gold (ok ok, maybe comic silver) I talk and rant about shallow things and adventures. Every now and then I post about Self Improvement on a level that can help everyone.

I suppose I should add an adendum to postulate 42 stating "Fun-time" can be whatever it is you find fullfilling. Sure I think King, Ghandhi, Lincoln etc. are excellent examples of people who "lived awesomely" but who can honestly relate to them? I think charitable efforts (such as those that you and Miles do) are wonderful. I am going to take your advice though, and do a post eventually on societal contributions. Sure it will be a challenge to keep it in the style of this site, but hey, I like challenges!

Anonymous said...

Where do you philosophize Arun?

Arun said...

Where do I philosphize? I'm not sure I understand the question. I suppose I philosophize somewhere deep in that extremely densely packed brain of mine! :)