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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Feminization of Arun?

Jeez I hope not.

I consider my myself kind of an all-around guy. Not too fruity or metro sexual, but not exactly the alpha-male, Man's Man either. I work-out and keep myself well groomed for the most part (although some would argue that the "longish" hair that I'm rocking right now is a little out of control), but I don't spend any real money on grooming.

I received an interesting offer this weekend.

My friend Renata tells me that a good friend of hers is finishing up cosmetology school and they really need male "models" to work on, since pretty much the only people that come in are female.

Me: "Haha! There's no way I'm paying the ludicrous prices that these places charge for any type of cosmetology service!"
Renata: "Oh but it's FREE!"
Me: "Tell me more."

Don't we all love the magical word of "Free!"

So I was honestly still pretty skeptical since sitting in some chair for an hour while someone is dolling me up doesn't sound too appealing. But then she said the other magic word.

Renata: "A big part of this also involves a MASSAGE"
Me: "Sign me up!"

She signed me up and told me it was basically some kind of "facial" where they exfoliate and moisturize my skin and then give a massage for the rest of the time. It's free because it's a student (Renata's friend) doing it, and they really need guys.

I was all excited to be signed up for a free massage until she dropped this bomb on me.

Renata: "Oh yea, the facial might also involve a little eyebrow waxing..."

Ok, if there's any word that defeats "free" and "massage," it's definitely "waxing."

Me: "What!?! Uhhh, I don't think this is happening."
Renata: "Well I already signed you up. But there's one more thing I forgot to mention....."
Me: "One more thing? What?!"
Renata: "Well they kind of need the male models to also be prepared to get a male bikini wax"
Renata: (Laughing at my incredulous oration on why no rational man should ever even consider getting waxed in "the sacred area of good stuff."

The next day, I did some research on the Internet to see what men had to say about bikini waxing. Here are some direct quotes:

"Any man who doesn't pop at least 4 Advil before getting a wax job, may not make it out alive. The tenderness does eventually subside and I feel silky smooth."

"After icing my 'area' for a couple of days after, the product looked great!"

These testimonials weren't exactly convincing. After some debate, I finally convinced Renata to let me talk to Heloisa (the friend performing the procedure) so that I may put my negotiating skills to work. After some time and a few jokes, I finally made it clear that I would do this providing no wax even come near me.

So I went in and had an incredibly relaxing massage, and yes, a facial. I have to admit, I did enjoy it. It was actually really relaxing, and I told them that I'd be willing to return any time they need male models provided waxing is not so much as even mentioned.

I don't know how you ladies do the waxing thing, but I will never be feminized enough to do it!

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Saad said...

Well, it hurts. If you didn't already know.