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Monday, July 9, 2007

Independence Day Craziness

Who ever thought the Fourth of July, let alone a Wednesday, Fourth of July could be so crazy?

Growing up, all Independence Day meant, was a day off from school and some fireworks at night.

Apparently San Diegans have a different idea.

This was actually the second Independence Day I've spent in San Diego, and let me tell you, it's freakin crazy! I think the official count of people at the beaches of San Diego this year was 955,000.


Lets put this in perspective. That's nearly twice the population of the state of Wyoming. In fact, there are seven states and a District of Columbia whose population is smaller!

Let's add a further level of perspective. The 3 mile stretch of beach and bay from Pacific Beach down to Mission Beach, contained 750,000 people. What does this mean? Well it means the biggest party you've ever been to is at the beach ALL day! Good luck finding parking if you come anytime after 12:00. In all likelihood you'll have to park at least a mile from where you want to go. That is, unless you're ME.

In all fairness, this special connection was through my friend, but it so happens that his "Grammy" has a vacation home right in the midst of all the craziness, AND it just so happened that that home contained a vacant parking spot just for us!

Since we're putting things in a lot of perspective today, lets do it again. To understand how good this parking spot was, just know that people were selling parking spots that were FURTHER from the beach for $100. That's right...ONE HUNDRED BUCKAROOS!

To add to the greatness, Grammy even gave us juice and cheese crackers before we dove into the foray! In addition to the fun we had, some pretty great things also happened to unfold.

1. I established a reputation as a legitimate "Frisbee-er." Yes, I spent a lot of time perfecting my throws and catches of the aforementioned disk, and I think it's safe to say, I have Frisbee skills. I actually managed not to directly hit anyone despite the mass of people, and I made a couple of face saving catches as well!

2. We met an awesome chick named Heather who lives in Arizona. We discovered her in Mission Bay and she hung out with us all day (and on Saturday night). She managed to be the only girl to live up to the awesomeness standards of Jeff, B-Rent, and I. In fact, we have already scheduled a trip to Arizona in September for some craziness and adventure (and you "Daily Remedy" regulars know about my attraction to adventure).

How did I know she was cool? Well, at one point during the day, in response to some previous conversation, she looked at me and said "Why don't you come over." I sensed seduction in her eyes (either that or it was sun which was directly in her face, but I still say it was seduction). I reluctantly followed her home. The conversation went something like this...

Heather: "You're gonna get something real good"
Me: "Oh really? How good are you?"
Heather: "Downright orgasmic."
Me: "Wow"
Heather: "Why don't you sit down and get comfortable"
Me: (nervously) "Ummm, ok"

With that, she went behind a wall in the kitchen, and I heard a lot of ruckus. Something good was about to happen: I could feel it.

Heather (from the kitchen): "How do you want it?"
Me: "However you do it best."

With that, she appeared from around the corner, just the way I like...

Holding a giant Turkey Sandwich with the works!!! It was even on a hogie roll! OK, so I may have exaggerated a bit of the conversation in a slightly (and possibly greatly) risque manner, but she still made me a damn good Turkey Sandwich! I was starving!

3. Heather happened to be staying with her parents and friends in some crazy vacation home rental on the bay, which was a PERFECT place to see the fireworks.

4. I wouldn't file this under great, but we met some other girls who happen to be going to Las Vegas the exact same weekend as us. Why is this not great? Well, without going into all the details, lets just say that as Jeff was driving "Doof" home, she made him pull over so she could urinate (apparently she had to go) in the road...and no they weren't in Tijuana.

Anyways, I would say that Independence Day was once again a success! Beach, Beer, Women, Turkey Sandwiches, Friends and Frisbee...what more could a man ever want?


Heather W said...

Oh my gosh Arun, I am honestly in tears right now! I have never laughed so hard in my life. And I like the part that I seduced you with my eyes to. Goodness, I miss you already!

Anonymous said...

To clear everything up, that was Heather W that peed on the side of the road!