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Friday, January 11, 2008

Inner Dork

I know it's hard to believe, but I feel now is the time to reveal to you all that I do actually contain some inner dorkiness. I had to think long and hard about some of the dorky moments I've had over the years, hiding beneath this smooth, suave exterior.

Don't worry though...I'm still 99.999 percent calm, cool, and collected. But, believe it or not, I have a top ten list of "Arun's Inner Dork."

10. I have a degree in Computer Engineering. Don't get much nerdier than that folks! And as a graduate, I can attest that 98% of computer engineers fit the stereotype we all put them in. They love their computer games, programming is fun, they're generally socially inept, is their homepage, and they all own iphones.

I spent five years in college trying to fight the nerd stereotype, but alas, one man can only do so much! Eventually I was overcome by the Binary soldiers of Nerd!

In fact, somewhere along the line during college, I realized that I really didn't care for computers, or engineering for that matter. Luckily I currently have a position that requires NO computer programming and a sort of alternative approach to engineering.

9. I was the youngest "Mathlete" in grade school. Yep, in third grade, I pretty much dominated the school in addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction (my weakest area) time tests. I went on to be inducted into "The Knights of the Mathtable" before finishing my sixth grade career.

For some reason, the kids at recess didn't think this was such a big deal.

8. Speaking of Sixth grade, I actually skipped it. Well, I actually skipped half of sixth grade and half of seventh. Basically I spent first half of my sixth grade year in elementary school, going to sixth grade. Then, after numerous parent-teacher conferences and a couple of tests, it was decided that I'd be finishing up seventh grade for the remainder of the year.

Suffice to say, when I went into middle school on the first day of second semester, I was not the coolest cat around. I was a pudgy kid with glasses wandering around, totally lost, trying to find my locker. Instead of having one teacher, I now had six. No orientation, no welcome to Junior High, nothing.

In Middle School, when you're not rollin around the halls with your posse, you're probably a dork. Add the chubbiness, glasses, and general look of confusion and you don't exactly picture the boyfriend of Hannah Montana.

7. I have an affinity for stuffed animals. In my room here, I've got a couple, and back in Anchorage, I've got a bunch that I received over the years. They all have names.....and feelings and personalities :)

6. I was in the Math Club in high school. Ok, ok, I can explain. My agenda in high school was all about having as many things on my "resume" as I could to make my college applications look impeccable, while doing as little work as possible. Sure I was in the math club but I only sparsely attended the meetings, and never attended the competitions.

I sort of did the same thing with Key Club, and the Youth Symphony. Still, I admit, even being a member of Math Club is Dorktacular.

5. Sometimes at Costco, I look around to make sure no one else is in the isle, and practice moonwalking. Next time you go to Costco, note the incredibly smooth surface of the floor that's perfect for dancing! Ok, I actually don't really do it any more, but I used to and was once caught in the act by a teacher who happened to be at Costco that day.

When she brought this little incident up in class the next day, I didn't exactly come off as the smoothest bottom in the nursery.

4. My DVD collection contains classics such as: "Journey Live in Concert!, Boyz II Men: Singing in Higher Places, We are The World: Special edition, and Sesame Street Visits the Metropolitan Museum."

Hey, I like music, and the We are The World DVD contains basically every significant 80's singer! Plus, it's got great bonus features! (Don't even start with me Lauren!)

I suppose that doesn't really explain the Sesame Street DVD though...

3. I like old school Sesame Street. Back in the day when Jim Henson was the man in charge, I absolutely LOVED Sesame Street and the Muppets. As I got older, I obviously grew out of them (don't act surprised!) but on occasion would peak at an episode to see how the old Sesame gang is...disappointment.

The quality has gone down, and Oscar the Grouch is actually nice! (totally unacceptable) But, when I had the opportunity to buy the Sesame Street 80's smash hit movies "Sesame Street Visits the Metropolitan Museum," and "Christmas on Sesame Street," I couldn't resist and was rewarded with some good, quality, Sesame action.

I guess part of it's nostalgia, but honestly, the muppets are hilarious and I'm very entertained.

Didn't I hear once that girls are attracted to guys who relate well with kids???

2. Speaking of watching weird stuff on TV, I was thoroughly invested in the soap opera "All My Children" as a kid. My Mom watched (and still watches) everyday after work, so naturally both me and my sister were exposed to the glamour and sex-fest that is "All My Children."

I can still name the core characters and remember some of the old storylines. For any of you avid female (or inner-dork male) watchers, do the names Adam Chandler and Erica Kane ring a bell?

Jeez that was bad and I'm not even to number 1 yet!

1. I've read, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire Harry Potter series! No excuses. And if you call ME a Dork, go read them yourselves and THEN call me a dork!

After such an exhaustive and reputation debilitating, one might not think there's anything else left! Surprise! I've giving you a bonus! Ready?........

I know how to play "MMMBOP" on the guitar and bust it out sometimes when I'm in a good mood.

So yes fans and friends, I AM human. I have some inner dorkiness, but hey, who wants to be superhuman anyways? I'm a testament that even the coolest cats can have some hidden geekyness. It's OK!

So next time you wanna bust a move at Costco while singing MMMBOP, then go home and watch a Sesame Street and All My Children Marathon with your awesome stuffed animal, GO FOR IT!....just don't tell anyone :)

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