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Friday, January 25, 2008

Pyramid Racer

It's no secret that I'm a pretty competitive person. I LOVE playing games and love winning even more!

Although I'm not a fan of video games, I've recently been roped into playing "Smash Brothers" on my roommates Nintendo Game Cube. Highly addictive game! I end up getting so worked up that my neighbors can here me yelling Trash Talk from next door. Luckily, those crazy girls adore me, so it's all good :)

The only one of my friends that comes close to my competitive fury is Aaron. It seems like every time we hang out, we invent or take part in some kind of crazy competitive game. Aaron and I have invented such classics as Spinners, Pocket-E-Pocket, the human field goal, the pool olympics, and The Cone Olympics.

Our competitive spirit doesn't take vacations.

Two years ago in Teotihuacan, Mexico, we decided on an impromptu race. The big pyramids would have been hazardous to race since we had a limited water supply with us. So instead, we decided to scale one of the smaller, yet incredibly steep, side pyramids.

A small crowd was gathered, most of which consisted of people on our travel bus. We had been primed with four shots of pure tequila from the cactus-tequila factory next door. It was on!

It was a tight race to the top, but as you can see (and hear), Arun prevailed!!! The crowd roared, ladies swooned, and I was adored by all! I am now hailed in Teotihuacan as Arun - The Great Pyramid Racer! *

COMING SOON! Another video of me kicking Aaron's ass - this time at BOXING!

*creative liberties may have been taken at the end of this story :)

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